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Just for the record, if you're having trouble following the plot, or if you think this recap seems really jumpy and unfocused, well, it's not your fault. It's not mine either, though. That's what the show is like. And actually, since (to my knowledge, at least) this is only the second time in MBTV history that you'll actually have the opportunity to read a recap before the show has even premiered, you'll be able check it all out for yourself. Besides, if you're reading my recaps, you're probably trained like me to be watching HBO on Sunday nights anyway, so it won't even take that much effort. Anyway, Mickey and Donna are enjoying a nice dinner at home when she brings up having a second child again. Mickey feels this is just an emotional response to finding the pornography, but Donna insists she's serious. He then proceeds to berate her for never wanting to talk about sex, and also for not being receptive to his suggestions in the bedroom. Specifically as they pertain to -- yep -- you guessed it, anal sex. Are you shocked yet? Are they edgy enough for you? How about after I transcribe the remainder of Donna's dialogue from this scene? "Oh, yes. Take me into the next room and just ass-fuck me straightaway. Seriously. I want it. Take me into the bedroom and just slam-fuck me in the ass. I'm hot and I'm desperate and I want it deep in my ass…give me a good solid ass-fucking, because then I've got to do the dishes and put the baby to bed." I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, folks. Hell, most fan-fic writers couldn't make that stuff up. I will say, however, that the oh-so-predictable reaction shot of the maid in the kitchen turned out to be funnier than it had any right to be.

Back in the Binder bed, Mickey once again dreams of Missy. This time she confides that she thoroughly enjoyed their office discussion that day, which apparently revolved around "religion's impact on modern politics." I guess we should just be thankful that they weren't discussing ass-fucking's impact on modern politics. It would seem that the Clinton era really is over. In the dream, Donna wakes up and shoos Missy away. "If he's wasting anymore sperm around here," she tells her, "it's going to be on me." Sadly, I think it's about forty years too late to do much about "wasted sperm" in Mr. Binder's case. Or was that too rude? Sorry, Mike.

In the office the next day, Mickey calls Missy into the office and promptly fires her. When pressed for a reason, he admits that she's making him "distracted…theoretically." She storms out.

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Mind of the Married Man




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