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We finish things up this week at the office, with Doug and Mickey discussing the reconciliation. Since it's Doug we're dealing with, there's no mention of the "touching" aspect, but Mickey does say that things are now "really good." Just then, Jake emerges with a satiated smile and his "computer consultant" by his side. The boys can only stare in envy as she struts to the elevator and does everything but push the buttons with her tongue in an attempt to look sexy. To be honest, she does a pretty good job. Jake describes her as "liquid perfection," and then we go to slow motion as they each head off in a different direction. The end.

Just so you know, this same episode will be airing again this Sunday (9/20). For those of you who may be reading this on your holographic eye-goggles sometime in the future, that's 9/20/2001. For those of you reading in the present, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well, and that all we'll all feel a bit more like laughing when next we meet.

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Mind of the Married Man




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