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Mike Binder, speaking directly to Sars: "I guess if you are talking about Paul Reiser, I would love to have him on a show, and we did 'The Diner' [sic] pilot together years ago; I've always been a big fan of his, and I thought 'Mad About You' was an incredible television show. If that's who you mean, and you can talk him into doing a guest spot, I would LOVE it!"

Out in the main office, Jake runs into Eileen The Over-Sexed Entertainment Editor. She tries to blow him off (Ew. Not like that. But again, I don't blame you), but he follows her to the elevator. Just before the doors close, she tells him that he needs to grow up. This, of course, leads to him acting all childish and them doing that "no, I don't"-"yes, you do" back-and-forth thing that wasn't even funny the first forty-three billion times it appeared on other shows. At this point, the medical reporter guy shows up with a diagram of the human cheek for Jake's kid, and the scene mercifully comes to a close.

In Mickey's office, Missy is once again calling his writing "great." I'm out of jokes on that one already, so feel free to insert your own withering sarcasm here. Mickey asks her if she and boyfriend have any hobbies, to which she replies, "I used to be his hobby, and he used to be mine. But now I come home, and he comes over and goes right to the football." Except, of course, for the five days a week when there is no football, but whatever. Besides, it only gets worse. "I go in the bathroom," she continues. "I get into the tub and take the warm water expressway to heaven." This, of course, is accompanied by shots of Ivana Milisevic thrashing about in the bathtub while aiming the spray nozzle at her, uh, [insert euphemism here]. Mickey asks why she feels the need to tell him this sort of thing, what with the whole, you know, SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAWSUIT she was going to file against him in the premiere. Missy points out that Mickey has himself repeatedly overshared in the past, so she just figured it was okay for her to do the same. Then we get more shots of the tub thrashing as she leaves. Man, where's Chumbawumba when actually you need them? Finally, Memmet stops by for a visit. After a joke that's not worth transcribing and a few gratuitous uses of the word "fuck," he asks Mickey if he's okay. "No," replies Mickey. "I'm not at all okay."

Mike Binder, on Ivana Milisevic's acting ability: "She's also great to look at, so we're probably going to keep her around."

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