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After yet another montage (and the less said about this one, the better. Binder is topless again), we see the happy couple relaxing on their boat. From there we cut to Jeers, where Mickey is relating the story of his weekend to the boys. NBF is shocked to discover that they only had sex once the entire weekend, mainly because when he takes "a babe" away for the weekend, he has to "hit that ass at least six to ten times. And she better have a credit card to split the expenses when [they] check out." Somehow we're expected to believe at this point that Mickey is disgusted by his friend's crassness, because he yells something about marriage being a marathon rather than a sprint and then bolts from the restaurant. Oh, please. Like there's anything more disgusting or offensive than Mike Binder himself. I guess we're supposed to think his character is growing -- unfolding like a flower, or something. I just don't see it, though. The NBF talks us through the closing credits, before finally coming to this crystal-clear conclusion: "I've got to stop hanging out with married guys." Say it with me, everyone: "Don't we all."

And finally, Mike Binder on, well, me: "I know already that the show has pushed a lot of buttons; there are a lot of people that really, really love it, and a lot of people that really hate it...So I guess I'm just hoping some people will stick with it, and give it a chance to grow into the great comedy I think we are capable of becoming."

Not gonna happen, buddy. Not gonna happen.

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