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Back at the police station, Skeet thanks Keel for getting him out of there, but figures Keel's the reason he was in there in the first place. And Keel rats out Evelyn for ratting out Skeet. "I'm sorry about Danielle Franklin," says Keel, but Skeet's unimpressed, saying that if Keel had been straight with him, she might still be alive. Their happy reunion is cut short by one of the detectives, who says they caught the guy who killed Danielle; he had a pocketful of her credit cards. They go into a room looking into the interrogation room with a two-way mirror so they can see the guy, despite Skeet's protests that there's no point since he's never met the guy (although he can't really know that, can he?). Given this episode's ham-handed attempt to pretend that the Angel of Death had been captured, was there anyone who was surprised when the camera panned over to reveal that they'd arrested the wrong guy? Keel asks to interview the guy, but the cop says no.

Leaving the station, Keel says something about petitioning for an interview, but Skeet's still pretty pissed, and Keel asks if he's having "second thoughts" about his "new job." Skeet says he thinks they're just looking for different things. Are we sure these two aren't boyfriends yet? And Keel blurts out the most recent information about the sixth GIN person, although he advises against Skeet tracking him down, and even goes so far as to apologize for withholding information from Skeet, but he thought it might be detrimental to him. Skeet reminds Keel that it would be his own problem if that were the case. And by this point I've already downgraded my initial rating of this episode just for the sheer volume of blah-blah going on. Is this what recapping The West Wing feels like?

Anyway, Skeet's off to Oregon to track down the sixth GIN person, but not before Keel harangues him some more outside the police station, yammering on about how everything has meaning, and things eventually add up. And he goes on about making field recordings of ravens while he was at Cambridge while trying to figure out their language or whatever, and hearing his dead mother's voice on a tape. And his mom called him Mango! Skeet couldn't look more bored, and maybe that's because this speech takes half an hour, I swear. So now Keel believes in God. And he started SQ, which has led him to Paul. These two should just do it already. Paul leaves while Keel contemplates. Perhaps he feels guilty about ripping his life off of Friedrich Jurgensen. Special thanks to Kirsten K. for the catch and the link.

Estacada, Oregon. Skeet drives up to a house, gets out of his car, and knocks on the door, which is opened by…the Angel of Death, holding an iron? What is it with the irons on this show? Skeet introduces himself to Angel, who he thinks is "Mr. Webster," and asks if he can come in. Commercials.

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