The Bone Scatterer

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He ain't evil, he's my brother

In Darby, Keel and Evelyn are finding out that Skeet never showed up at child services.

At the police station, Skeet's in a holding cell while a jocular Sheriff Loco writes up the charges against Skeet, including resisting arrest and attempting to transport a minor outside the county, and Travis looks on, not helping. "Listen to me! You need to apologize to Travis!" yells Skeet at the top of his lungs. The sheriff laughs. "For what? A little discipline?" he says, and Skeet says that Travis blames himself for his mom's death and he needs to be told that wasn't the case, or else the sheriff is in danger. Naturally, the sheriff thinks Skeet is threatening him. "He's a good kid. You need to tell him what you did to her, and you need to tell what you did to his brother. Before it's too late!" says Skeet. The sheriff's face has gone rather stony through all this, and he pulls his gun and says he wonders if Skeet's case will even make it to trial. Travis rushes his dad to stop him, but Sheriff Loco shoves him aside; Travis hits a jail cell and falls down, unconscious. The sheriff moves to help his son, only Travis won't wake up. He's going to miss the best part! The door blows open, and there's Jimmy standing there. He strides in. "I went after the others. But I could never go after you," he tells the sheriff. "He loved you too much. I had to respect that." "Jimmy, don't!" yells Skeet. Yeah, that'll work. "I'm done respecting that," says Jimmy, which cracked me up for some reason. Then, just as Keel and Evelyn arrive in the doorway, Jimmy vanishes, leaving Sheriff Loco wondering just what the hell happened. Keel tells him to get out, but it's too late; Sheriff Loco gets picked up and tossed around like a chew toy before finally being smushed between the holding cell's bars, the SQ gang looking on in horror. Keel especially is cowering in the corner like a little baby. Travis materializes again to survey his handiwork. He takes off a charm-bracelet-looking thing with little carvings made out of what I assume are supposed to be bones, only when they clink together, they sound like those little plastic things you put on your bicycle spokes when you were a kid. Jimmy leaves the bracelet with Travis, then stands up and addresses Skeet. "You stood up for him. Thank you," and he walks out/vanishes while Skeet and Keel look like they're about to puke.

One week later, Skeet and Co. have apparently managed to not be investigated in the death of the local sheriff. And Skeet is leading Travis over to his aunt's house, where they bond for a moment over their shared orphan status. Skeet asks if Travis knows his aunt very well. "Kinda. She's okay," he says, and Skeet concurs that "she seems nice," and fortunately we missed the part where Skeet and Travis's aunt established a "special connection." And in a pointless addendum to this thoroughly predictable episode, the aunt comes out and goes nuts over Travis's little bracelet, since his mother had one just like it. "She was buried with it," she says. So…they weren't bones? It was just a trinket? And Jimmy's a grave robber? I have no idea what's going on here.

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