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So at the library is the same repressed jock who is stereotypically wearing a letter jacket and telling some girl that his parents are going to be away for the weekend, and Keel says that that guy saw them in the gym, but Skeet says it's usually not the aggressive ones, since "they have an outlet," and then sees the same puny guy from before who ducks around a stack of books. "It's the quiet ones," says Skeet. He and Keel follow the guy back to the desk where he was working and introduce themselves. The kid's name is Travis. "So you've been having some dreams, huh?" asks Skeet, and Travis looks all embarrassed and says "yeah," like, how much does this resemble a junior high health class film on wet dreams? Travis explains that the dreams began a few days after his thirteenth birthday. That's normal, Travis! You're not weird! Other information gleaned: Travis knew all three victims, Travis is on Ritalin, Travis has not woken up with bite marks on his tongue. Travis is upset because he can't go to sleep -- that's how he's avoiding "killing" people -- but he can't not sleep forever. "Did you sleep last night?" asks Paul. "I tried not to," says Travis, rolling up his sleeve to show marks from where he poked himself with a pin to stay awake. "I did it!" he adds, clearly distraught, but Skeet says they were brutal and violent murders, so if Travis had done it, he'd have a little more than pinpricks on his arm. And Skeet promises to help Travis, who gets skittish when he sees the sheriff's car pull up outside. "I gotta go," he says, and takes off, leaving Skeet and Keel free to expound on various theories. Keel's intrigued by the dream aspect of this case, since there's an Indian tribe in the area with a ritual that gives a young man "dominion over his dream self"; it's a ritual that involves torture and deprivation, which this kid seems to have a lot of. "Pressures which can lead to homicidal rage," says Keel. "You think he's killing these people?" asks Skeet, and Keel's all, did you SEE the way he freaked when the cop car pulled up? Only then they see Travis get in the sheriff's car, prompting Skeet to explain for us all that the sheriff might be the kid's dad.

Might be? Is! We're at Chez Sheriff, where Travis is shooting a bunch of people in a videogame. And he's got a blissful smile on his face as he blows away aliens and demons to pixilated Kingdom Come. And Sheriff Daddy tells him to shut it off since dinner's almost ready, and Travis doesn't whine about saving his game or finishing the level, like, here's your miracle. And while Travis sets the table, his dad grills him about wrestling practice and how the sheriff kept his part of the bargain by letting Travis do things his way at practice, but he doesn't think Travis did his part in trying his best. "You think your best is getting your clock cleaned by Jay Pearson?" he says, and Travis quite obviously would rather do anything than wrestle with his dad, but his dad orders him to, and under the guise of showing a movie to break out of a clinch, the sheriff delivers a very hard, very deliberate elbow into Travis's face, knocking him to the ground. "Hope you learned something," says Sheriff Loco, who orders Travis to finish setting the table. Travis lies on the ground with a bloody nose.

Red Deer Coroner's office, where we learn that Evelyn and the SQ gang have decided to squander the sheriff's cooperation and goodwill by breaking in and sneaking around. The minister's on a gurney, all scratched and gouged. Skeet and Keel recoil in horror, and it's clear that neither of these two has ever owned a cat. Skeet points out the illegality of what they're doing, and Evelyn (who is, remember, an ex-cop) justifies it because she asked the coroner nicely, but he called her "honey" and told her to "run along," so she did, with the guy's keys. Skeet checks out the body, noting the broken bones, some of which have been smashed into fragments, but the lacerations aren't consistent with a baseball bat beating. And Evelyn's floating the possibility that Travis did it while on amphetamines, and she oddly has to explain to Skeet (well, to us, actually) what Ritalin is. And Keel notices that half of the tibia is missing, demonstrated by his ability to bend the minister's foot all the way backwards at the ankle. Skeet asks if that means anything. "It might. I need to speak to some of the locals," he says, and zips off. Looks like the SQ gang is splitting up to tackle different jobs. Evelyn's going to check after Travis at school, while Skeet's going to stake out Travis's home to make sure he isn't sneaking out to kill people.

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