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Please extinguish all smoking nurses

We watch the reunions in the airport, Deanna happily running to greet her family, the nervous jostler being upbraided by his humourless wife, his poor, sad temporary make-out partner leaving by herself. There's Mark, kissing his wife on the forehead as he wheels her away.

As the three miracle investigators leave, Skeet's all, so you weren't exactly just observing back there with Phil. "Ancient shamans believed that a sudden shock coupled with the correct mnemonic prompt could erase a person's short-term memory," explains Keel. Yeah, and some people believe Santa Claus exists, but that don't necessarily make it fuckin' so. "So you think he really wanted to destroy the world?" asks Evelyn, and Keel says he wanted what most people want: to be important. As they watch Phil being hauled off in an army vehicle, Evelyn says, "My guess is he got what he wanted." Yeah. Looks like he got just what he wanted. Keel broods off, leaving Evelyn and Skeet to have another moment. In the saw-it-coming-a-mile-away twist, Evelyn hands Skeet the videocassette from the other camera. And let me just point out that in order for this plotline to work, the writers went so far as to put a bullet in Evelyn's brain. Clever.

The Longview household. Mark's making a salad. Karen sits there, blinking. There's a knock at the door. It's Paul, explaining that he was with Karen after the flight, and that she's a terrific woman. Since Mark doesn't look particularly inclined to make small talk, Skeet just hands him the tape and tells him to never tell anyone he has it, and he leaves. Mark goes back inside, puts the tape in, and watches his happy wife talk about how much she loves him, and he starts to cry, prompting all two dozen of so of the Miracles viewers to get all misty-eyed.

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