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Miracles HQ. Skeet walks into this dingy old factory room filled with old equipment, and Whatshername, sitting at a desk. So is this picking up immediately after the end of the last show? I don't think so, because she says, "Paul, it's good to see you." Then she says they'll need to photocopy two forms of I.D., like driver's license and social security card. Oh, and don't forget to see Doug in payroll, he's got some forms for you to sign. Skeet says he wants to talk to "Mr. Keel" before he signs anything, and Keel comes out all broody and dressed in black, like he's just hanging out waiting for his name to be mentioned so he can lurch into the room all sinister. Keel's like, whassup? He suggests they go for a walk.

So they go to a playground, where Keel frightens all the children away by looking all intensely at them and talking about the end of the world. Skeet wants to know why Keel's been watching him, and Keel says Skeet's a good investigator, which is something he desperately needs "in light of the coming darkness," and I'm guessing it wouldn't be too much fun to hang out with Keel on a day-to-day basis if he's always dropping in these apocalyptic non-sequiturs of his. Hey, Keel, want a beer? Sure, I guess I'll have a Pete's Wicked Brew, in light of the coming darkness and everything. Keel says that Skeet's former employer didn't fully appreciate Skeet's unique gifts, and Skeet says, "Like seeing 'God is now here' written in my own blood?" and Keel's all, exactamundo. But I don't think the church can be blamed for that one, since Skeet never even told them about that. And Keel says Paul plays "a significant role" in all of this. And Skeet's all, all of what? I don't believe in the end of the world. Keel says it's probably best that he doesn't, and basically just responds to all of Skeet's questions with cryptic answers. And Skeet flashes back to Tommy, and thinks this was a bad idea, and goes to leave. And Keel stops him by blathering on about how he doesn't know why Tommy had to die for Skeet to live, but that's what happened. "Something is coming, Paul. The signs are everywhere." And he rattles off a list: "Famine, fires, floods." And he holds forth on how there's been a rise in crime and strange phenomena and "nothing is simple anymore," and the seriousness of all this was undercut somewhat by Keel's cell phone going off. He says into it, "I'm on my way," and hangs up. He tells Paul that something very strange has just happened at Logan Airport. You in or what? Paul says nothing.

And he says nothing in the back seat of the Miraclemobile while Keel and Whatshername throw some exposition at us (and the credits inform us that this episode is directed by a guy named Jesus), as we learn that Keel got a call from Charles Jurgensen, whom Keel knew at Coincidental University (or maybe it was Cambridge) and who is now a senior officer in the NSA. "I tried to educate him in the British ways," he says, whatever that means. "How'd that go?" says Whatshername. "Not entirely well," says Keel. "You don't like him," she says. "No, I don't," he admits. "But I respect him; he's very dedicated." And Keel goes on to explain that they used to have common interests, but Charles wanted to change the world. "And you didn't?" says Paul. "No, as a matter of fact I did not," says Keel. "That's quite a philosophy," says Paul all snarkily. You'd think he'd be a little more on his best behaviour, this being his first day on the new job and all.

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