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They enter an airport hangar where the plane has been…parked? Is that the right term for a plane? The hangar has been partitioned off into little cubicle-like spaces, and Charlie says something about being short-handed, but he might have been kidding since the place is swarming with soldiers, a couple of whom are dragging away an unruly passenger. Charlie introduces them to a dude named Michael Garcia of the NTSB, who'll get Evelyn and Skeet started on their interviews, as Charlie snags Keel, saying there's something he wants him to see. Throughout all this, Skeet is making The Skeet Face. Michael tells Evelyn and Skeet that they're trying to figure out what happened "from the moment the plane…" he says, before trailing off. "Disappeared?" says the ever-helpful Skeet. "Encountered difficulties," corrects Michael. Skeet asks how the passengers are, and Michael says he'll show them. He draws back a divider, and we see the nervous jostler and the woman he jostled kissing. Michael says they didn't know each other before they got on the plane. Um, that's the first "paranormal" example they show these guys? Two people kissing?

We get a montage of various people from the plane. There's Rude Asshole, explaining that there was complete and utter silence, and that for the first time he felt like he belonged. "And then, there he was!" he says. "Who?" says someone off-screen. "Well, Satan," says the asshole. And he looks happy about it. There's another woman whom we haven't seen before, and she's recounting a bright light and thousands of voices singing. And then there's Skeet going into a partitioned room to talk to a very happy woman who happens to be Ann Cusack, the woman who was asleep on the plane before. She says something wonderful has happened, and she needs to talk to her husband. "He has to know. He has to know!" and Skeet's all official, would you like to sit down? And she says her husband needs to see her. "Why?" says Skeet. The woman, whose name is Karen, giggles and says "no!" and spins around and asks if she's dreaming. She says her husband needs to see her. "Why?" says Skeet. Karen explains that she has a severe brain injury. Or at least she did when she got on the plane. And meanwhile a dude is setting up a video camera. And Karen says she has a "whopper" of a brain injury: "I can't move, walk, stand, or speak." And she twirls some more while Skeet gets his Skeet Face ready.

Elsewhere, Evelyn is introducing herself to the little paleontologist wannabe, who looks traumatized. She introduces herself as Deanna Thompson. "Can you tell me what happened on the airplane?" says Evelyn. "I saw…" says Deanna, trailing off. "What did you see?" says Evelyn. "The rest of my life," Deanna says. "You mean…?" asks Evelyn, like, maybe your interview technique shouldn't be quite so vague, there, Evelyn, but Deanna seems to know exactly what she's asking, because she says, "Oh, yeah," which was actually kind of weird.

Elsewhere, Charlie is leading Keel down some more heavily guarded corridors, saying the people in the hangar have problems, but this guy they're really worried about. It's the flight attendant, in a straitjacket, electrodes on his forehead. He's babbling away in a foreign language, something that sounds Middle Eastern. Commercials.

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