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Please extinguish all smoking nurses

We go to commercials, which include a news teaser about a "real miracle," and if there's anything more annoying than television news tied to their network's programming, I don't know what it is.

"What are you talking about?" Skeet wants to know, and 24 has completely ruined me to the point that when we came back from commercial and Skeet asked that, I immediately thought, "They've been standing there THIS WHOLE TIME?" before remembering that Miracles doesn't take place in real time. "Our friend is conducting a lecture series on the physics of destruction," says Keel, and they're forced to speak in hushed tones as they hear people outside the door. "Imagine a cross between Oppenheimer and Stalin," says Keel. Kim Jong-Il? Some miracle. Keel says he doesn't think Charlie or the other translators have picked up on it yet. For only he, the Keel, knows all. Then he says the steward also said, "The dark is its own thing," and asks Skeet if that means anything to him. Skeet makes The Skeet Face as we flash back to Tommy saying just that last week. "Why?" asks Paul, and Keel says, "Because the next thing he said was, 'Tell Paul.'" Before that sinks in, Charlie bursts in and gets mad at them for holding secret meetings, despite Keel's claim that they were just holding a brainstorming session, which might have been easier to believe if they weren't hiding out in a janitor's closet. Charlie needs Keel right away, because the flight attendant has started to speak English again.

Deanna gulps down her water and says she needed that. "Can I bum a cigarette?" Evelyn's all, "No!" "You don't smoke?" says Deanna, but Evelyn just points out, "You're eleven." Deanna's all, oh yeah. And Nosy Parker Evelyn tells her to think about what happened to her dad, drawing a blank look from Deanna. So Evelyn's all, he dies of lung cancer, duh? And Deanna says, "Oh yeah, I forgot." And the music of Everything's Wearing Off swells in the background.

After a shot of Karen's husband pacing and looking anxious, we go back to Skeet interviewing her while she herself paces, wanting to be out of there to run or jump or walk into a restaurant on her own and order a meal and eat it by herself. "I even want to go skiing, how crazy is that?" "It's not crazy at all," says Skeet. But Karen grimaces, rubbing her head. Skeet asks what's wrong. "A headache," she says. And instead of thinking that this might be important, Skeet just asks what's first on her list when she gets home. "That's between Mark and me," she tells him. Skeet looks kind of embarrassed. But after she's finished with the hot sex, she wants to go swimming in the ocean again. Meanwhile, as she speaks, her hand is twisting into a claw.

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