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The doctor's daughter

We get some "previouslys" to start this episode, like we did last week, and the only reason I mention them this because I wonder at what point viewers will be given credit for being able to remember details from particular episodes. And also, the "previouslys" show yet another different version of Paul showing up at Miracles HQ for the first time.

Anyway, this show starts up with a shot of the Boston skyline, and then this close-up of someone opening a pill bottle and then a weird slo-mo shot of two pills falling into someone's palm and then we see it's an older guy in a doctor's coat, who I think was Prince's dad in Purple Rain, and he then walks into a room with a guy in a high-tech wheelchair hooked up to all kinds of gadgets. "Good evening, Sher-Wood," says the doctor, like, who would name their kid after a hockey stick? Sher-Wood doesn't answer; he doesn't appear to be able to move. And the doctor speaks in this really artificially upbeat voice: "I have to give a speech at the symposium tonight. Can you believe my luck?" he says, while fiddling with various devices. And Sher-Wood is attached to a little speaker thing, and we see a computer screen with a thin little keyboard hanging off it. "I need you to keep trying," pleads the doctor, who's exhorting Sher-Wood to move his eyes and pick a letter, any letter. Nothing. The doctor looks from Sher-Wood to the screen and back about five hundred times before sighing. He puts his hand on Sher-Wood's shoulder. "Well, we're going to keep at it; we're not giving up," says Dr. Pillpopper, and then we get a cheesy close-up of a single tear rolling from the corner of Sher-Wood's eye.

And maybe he's crying because all of a sudden he's black and white and horizontal and rendered two-dimensionally. Oh, that's only someone carrying a giant poster or something of him, and we're in some sort of lecture hall. And there's Keel and Skeet taking their seats and giving us a bunch of exposition; Skeet says he likes an "arcane medical symposium as much as the next guy with no life," but he wonders why Keel's sudden interest in Sikofsky's Syndrome, whatever that is, and Keel says that a significant percentage of sufferers display paranormal tendencies, and Dr. Bauer -- we see Dr. Pillpopper -- is the world's foremost expert on the disease. You'd think they'd have gone over this already, like back at Miracles HQ or in the car ride over or something, but no. And I'd also like to point out that I prefer the structure of "miracle happens, then the team goes to check it out" to this episode, which seems to be "team shows up somewhere, and a miracle happens," like, this show better not turn into a pseudo-spiritual Murder She Wrote, like my parents used to joke that the worst feeling in the world had to be being at a party and seeing Jessica Fletcher show up.

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