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The doctor's daughter

Meanwhile, everyone goes careening through the hospital to the hilarious strains of jaunty polka music. Well, not really.

Back in Sher-Wood's room, Keel's looking at a photograph of Sher-Wood with a funky red aura around him, and Sher-Wood says, "You caught me." Keel jams a chair under the doorknob, and Sher-Wood calls it "kinky" that Keel's locking them in. Okay, this guy is rapidly getting on my nerves.

More frantic searching for Dr. Bauer.

Sher-Wood's saying he can give Keel answers, like to the "ritual murders in Geneva" and what's coming next. He also offers to let Keel speak to his mother, since he knows he still blames himself for her death. "But after what your father did to her…and you…" only he doesn't finish that sentence. And Keel says he has just one question: does he have a name? "They call me Mr. Friendly," says Sher-Wood. "Mr. Friendly"? This show's too funny. "Goodbye, Mr. Friendly," says Keel with all the menace one can muster in front of an invalid, and he unhooks Sher-Wood's ventilator, much to Mr. Friendly's chagrin.

Frantic searching, yelling. "Dr. Bauer! Dr. Bauer?" Skeet tries a door and finds it locked, but it shouldn't be, according to Julia. So Skeet busts through to find Dr. Bauer taking about five hours to inject himself with a needle. "No!" yells Skeet (unfortunately, not in a long drawn-out slow-motion way). And the tiny Skeet has to wrestle the much larger doctor. And they slam into the wall and actually BREAK THE WALL, which looks like it's made of cardboard. "I have to know!" yells Dr. Bauer.

In Sher-Wood's room, there's all this noise and commotion of people pounding at the door, only when we see the door, there's only one guy tapping half-heartedly at the glass, and then he leaves. And Sher-Wood flatlines, and his eyes close, and the blue light goes out. Keel waits, waving his hand in front of Sher-Wood's face. Then he hooks Sher-Wood back up and the heart monitor starts beeping again. He grabs the camera and takes another picture, which develops in all of five seconds. And he needs to hold the pictures side by side for comparison, because otherwise he might not be able to tell that in one picture Sher-Wood has a bright red aura, and in the other photo he doesn't. And he leans in really close and whispers to Sher-Wood, "It's all right. He's gone."

Dr. Bauer wakes up in a hospital bed to see his daughter. "Raina," he whispers. "You're bathed in white light and hovering above me, almost like an angel!" Except he doesn't. She just tells him he's going to be all right, and that she loves him.

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