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The doctor's daughter

Outside, Skeet's waiting, and asks Raina how he's doing. Better, she says, and thanks Skeet for saving his life. Skeet's all, no prob, he's a great man. And we learn that Dr. Bauer never harmed his patients, just tried to harm himself. And wrapping everything up, Raina also tells Skeet that the new treatment is sound, and the patients are starting to respond. Skeet's all, so how much of all this do I tell your dad? She says, whatever you think he can handle. But Skeet has other concerns. Like his penis. He asks about her going back to California. "You need a ride to the airport or anything?" She says she has that "covered," and says she'll miss him. "California's not that far away," he says, and she smiles, and you're thinking, no, it's just on the other side of the country. She tells him to keep looking for that light and he'll find it. "Can I kiss you?" he says. They start making out RIGHT THERE IN THE HOSPITAL, which is remarkably free of doctors, nurses, other patients, relatives, and equipment. And as she walks off, he asks how she knew to send his people to the clinic. His people? She says the same way she knew what kind of coffee he drinks. "Some things you just know," she says, and waves, and walks around the corner into A VERY BRIGHT LIGHT.

And Skeet visits Dr. Bauer in the hospital. "I believe I owe you a great deal," says the doctor. Paul asks how he's feeling. "Like I finally slept after two years," he says. Skeet asks what he remembers, and Dr. Bauer says he remembers thinking Skeet wasn't real, until he brought up Raina. Skeet asks if all this has brought him closer to his daughter. That's a big 10-4, says Dr. Bauer. "I was lucky to have her for as long as I did," he says. Skeet looks confused. "I only wish I'd told her more often before she got sick. I like to think somehow she knows." Skeet's all, well, I just had my tongue down her throat in the hallway, so would you mind spelling it out for me? It seems Raina died of Sikofsky's two years ago, and the doctor vowed he wouldn't rest until he found a cure. Skeet closes his eyes. He can't believe it. He was so going to score!

I hate to even mention the last scene, it's so cheesy. Skeet's in the graveyard looking at Raina's headstone, which features a picture of her for everyone who hasn't figured it out yet, like Sars. ["I'd figured it out by then, God." -- Sars] And the clouds open up and shine Skeet's little light right on Raina's face. Skeet smiles. And the only way this scene could have been worse would have been if the clouds had coalesced into Raina's face and given Skeet a big ol' thumbs-up.

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