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The doctor's daughter

And we're in Braddock Park, I guess, but since I've never been to Boston, I can't verify that. And Skeet spies Raina leaning against a tree, only he does that turn-away-and-hope-the-other-person-sees-you-first thing, which she does, and he starts to pretend that he was just in the neighbourhood and finally just admits that he got her message, and she thanks him for coming, and she brings up Keel's statement about people with Sikofsky's exhibiting paranormal tendencies. "You believe in that stuff, right?" she says, and Skeet says yes, and she says, "You've seen things?" and we flash back to some of the creepier scenes of the pilot episode, but all Skeet can muster is "here and there," and Raina is explaining that her dad has been working on Sikofsky's for years, and the last couple of years have been especially tough, but he's come up with a breakthrough, handed to him by one of his patients. And Skeet's saying he thought the patients can't move or speak, and Raina's all, "They can't!" and says they're hooked up to communications devices, but patients in the most advanced stages have been unable to use them until last night. And we watch a little flashback of Dr. Bauer zonked out on the couch, as Raina moves in close to make sure he's sleeping before looking at the computer and seeing the Sher-Wood info. "This breakthrough came from the patient," she says. And Skeet wants to know if she's talked to her dad about it. "My father and I don't talk; there's kind of a gulf there." She asks if Skeet is close to his father; Skeet, the orphan, just says he isn't, so Raina thinks they're kindred spirits. "Even if I won the Nobel Prize, I'd still be his little girl," she says, and so, since Dr. Bauer would never hear it from her, she wants Skeet to talk to him, especially since he's so much more "nice and approachable" than Keel. Skeet hems and haws, and she offers to pay him, and he says he'll do it but he doesn't need to be paid for it. And Raina looks all smiley goo-goo at him.

Back at Miracles HQ, Skeet has filled Keel in on the patient providing the cure. "This is interesting," says Keel. Skeet suggests that maybe the patient is a "sympathetic conduit" for the doctor, and Keel seems to like this theory -- the idea of the doctor broadcasting his desires, and the patient picking up on them and broadcasting those wishes into the void. "I don't believe it," says Evelyn, and Skeet starts to argue, but what she can't believe is that Skeet didn't get Raina's phone number, forcing Skeet to protest that he's not doing it to "date" her. Meanwhile, Keel has made his way over to some sort of ship's wheel, like, what is that doing there, and he says, "Tricky thing, broadcasting wishes into the void." It's also tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time. ["How is it?" -- Sars] It's tricky. ["Tricky?" -- Sars] Tricky. ["Trickaaaay!" -- Sars] "Why?" says Evelyn, and Keel says they can mirror our own worst impulses and reflect them right back on us, sort of a "be careful what you wish for" kind of thing. But Evelyn is pointing out that any breakthrough in the disease would be a good thing; ergo, whatever force is behind it is good as well. "Right?" she says, but Keel shoots that down. "Perhaps not. If it's a dark energy, it won't appear so at first blush," he says. "The devil always comes in wondrous guises," concurs Skeet. With a close-up for maximum effect.

Over at the clinic, the doctor is explaining the new treatment to the interns, who are all very kiss-assy impressed. This scene looks like nothing so much as those stupid cough syrup commercials where a med student coughs and the others seize the opportunity to diagnose the patient and prescribe Dimetapp or some such, while you're yelling, "It's just a cold, for God's sake!" at the television. And Skeet is eavesdropping and taking notes, and you'd think they'd be concerned about the stranger writing stuff down while the doctor describes a revolutionary new treatment. And Dr. Bauer is pronouncing "idea" as "idee-er." And one of the students is impressed with the treatment: "I would have thought of it…in like twenty years or so," like, SHUT UP ASS-KISSING INTERN, and then Dr. Bauer wants to set up a double-blind, and then Julia the Nurse wheels up Sher-Wood and Dr. Bauer is all, what are you doing? And she says Dr. Bauer told her to bring Sher-Wood to the lab. "I don't believe I did," he says, and she says she just got his email. Dr. Bauer looks really creeped out; he says it's time for rounds so she should take Sher-Wood back to his room. And then Sher-Wood's blue light comes on and he says, "Dr. Bauer is a great man. His treatment is working for me already." And then another ass-kissy intern says, "Dust your tux off, boss, Nobel Prize, here we come!" and somebody really needs to kick that guy in the nuts for being excited about a prize instead of a patient being cured. And Sher-Wood says, "Way to go, Dr. Bauer." Commercials.

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