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The doctor's daughter

Later, Sher-Wood is being wheeled down a hallway, checking out Skeet, who's standing there taking notes still. Skeet flags down Dr. Bauer, who has the same freaked-out look for pretty much the rest of the episode. Skeet introduces himself, saying he works with Alva Keel, and can I point out that "Alva Keel" sounds like some sort of marine vegetation? And Skeet makes the mistake of reminding Dr. Bauer that Keel was the guy asking all the questions at the symposium last night, so of course Dr. Bauer gets annoyed and tries to stomp off. Skeet says if there's anything going on that doesn't make any sense, they might be able to help, but Dr. Bauer just says, "I have real work to do." Heh.

Undeterred, Skeet wanders freely through the hospital, I guess, and finds Sher-Wood's room. He waits until Julia leaves, then looks inside. Sher-Wood stares at him. Skeet goes in, glances at some private medical document, and says, "Mr. Nichols?" and "Sher-Wood?" and gets no response, and then he LAUGHS and says, "Do you know things?" and still no answer. So Skeet apologizes and leaves. As soon as he closes the door, Sher-Wood's little blue light comes on and he says "some things," like, nice reaction time, Sher-Wood.

It's raining, and Skeet's driving, endangering the lives of his fellow motorists by yakking on the cell phone to Keel and Evelyn, who seem to never go home. Skeet explains that there was definitely a "Lourdes take up thy bed and walk" kind of breakthrough, and if he could stick with one religious reference at a time, that'd be nice. He says he tried to talk to the doctor and the patient and got nothing, but he thought he could smell tar in Sher-Wood's room. Evelyn's all "whuzzah?" and Keel grabs for a book and says that "it might be the presence of a 'merry prankster' entity -- or something worse," and then Skeet's hanging up because he has to run an errand. Evelyn asks if he's going to ask Raina out, and he just says, "Goodbye, Evelyn," and hangs up and drives to the Bauer household. He sits in the driveway and watches for a few moments, with Dr. Bauer working in one room and Raina puttering around in a room on the other side of the house, just in case we've forgotten that there's a "gulf" between them. So Raina wanders around and listens to Bauer blather on about how he doesn't fully comprehend just how Sher-Wood is providing this information, and he rambles about moral and ethical ramifications.

The phone rings. It's Sher-Wood! He took out life insurance! Good for you, son. Well, I'm kidding. He just says, "Hi, Dr. Bauer." And Dr. Bauer's all, "Sher-Wood?" and Sher-Wood says, "Whatcha doin'?" and that computer voice saying that cracked me up. And Sher-Wood just called to say he loves Dr. Bauer, and that he's a great man who hasn't done anything wrong; then he tells Dr. Bauer to close his door so they can talk, and Bauer closes the door, and Raina's eyes well up and she wanders away.

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