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The doctor's daughter

And I don't know that "stalking" would necessarily be considered an "errand," but there's Skeet, staring out the car window still. And Raina taps on the passenger side window, and he rolls it down, and she laughingly asks if he's stalking her, and he says "no," that he's just parked alone in front of her house at night. And she holds up two cups of decidedly non-steaming coffee and asks if he wants some, so he says yes and she gets in the car. "Here's hoping you're wicked shy and not a serial killer," she says, like, thank you for throwing in the "wicked" to remind everyone that we're in Boston. And Skeet takes the coffee and says it's good, and she says it's the only thing she knows how to cook, like, IT'S JUST COFFEE, YOU NIMRODS, and he asks if it's a "decaf with three sugars," which it is, and Skeet wonders how she knew what he drinks, and she says he seemed to her like he's "half easygoing and half big jolt," like, WHAT IS THIS DIALOGUE, and then Raina looks through Skeet's stalker-cam at the house and asks if that's what they look like to him: "Father and absentee daughter at opposite ends of the childhood home?" Skeet's all, I didn't really get that, maybe you could hammer home the "father/daughter rift" theme a little harder next time. And he says he knows a thing or two about absentee parents, and she laughs and says that Skeet tries to help people and that's one of the things she finds attractive about him (and Skeet says, jokingly but seriously, "There's other things?"), but even though she and her father love each other, there will always be an unbridgeable gulf between them, only she pronounces it "goolf" for some reason. "And I've accepted that," she says. "Okay," says Skeet. "Can we drive?" she says, and Skeet reacts like she just took her top off.

So they go driving, and she says the car doesn't "seem" like Skeet, and Skeet explains that it's Keel's since his got hit by a train, and whereas you'd think most people would be interested in that story, Raina just steers the conversation back over to herself and how everybody thought she was crazy to take her practice to California, since all people do out there is drive around, and they flirt some more, and we learn that Skeet's been on the job with Keel for weeks now, and you're starting to hope they'll get to the point soon. And Raina calls his work "frickin' weird" and says that if he's going to poke around in the "dark corners," he should balance it out a little. Skeet says he's hoping to find some light, like, shut up, Skeet. "Maybe you're not looking hard enough," says Raina. You shut up too, Raina. She suggests he pull over, and he apologizes because I guess he thinks he offended her or something. "You want me to take you home?" he says, and she says, "I want you to pull over so you can kiss me." And Skeet stares at her and swerves across a couple of lanes, like, how horny is Skeet anyway? But after he safely gets to the other side, his cell phone rings. It's Dr. Bauer, and Raina mouths, "I'm not here," which is a pretty good line when you consider how this episode ends. And Skeet says he wants to help and can be there in fifteen minutes. He hangs up and says Dr. Bauer wants to show him something. He offers to drop her off somewhere, but she says she'll grab a cab, and thanks him for doing this. "Oh, and rain check on the other?" she says, as she gets out of the car. Skeet's all, sweeeeeet.

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