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The doctor's daughter

At the clinic, Dr. Bauer greets Skeet at the main desk and thanks him for coming, and they walk off, and the cameras were left rolling so we get this really long shot of Julia just sitting there, like, "Cut!" They walk down the hall, and Dr. Bauer reminds Skeet about what he said about helping out if things weren't making sense. And something is happening, and Dr. Bauer's only "credible hypothesis" is that he's "losing his mind," which is the fiftieth such allusion he's made to that. And they enter Sher-Wood's room, and Dr. Bauer asks him if he somehow called Dr. Bauer's house and asked him to bring Skeet to the clinic. Sher-Wood doesn't say anything. "I thought he gave me your number," says Dr. Bauer to Skeet, who says Keel's got a lot of experience in this area, so he'll go get him. But Sher-Wood's little blue light goes on. "Skeet, I wouldn't do that if I were you," he says all HAL 9000. Zoom in on The Skeet Face, and fade to black.

Now Sher-Wood's saying, "We don't want Keel in on this, do we? Three's a party, four's a crowd." And Sher-Wood says Skeet must know that Keel doesn't fully trust him, otherwise he'd tell Skeet a lot more. "Layers within layers, that one," says Sher-Wood. The doctor has no idea what this is all about, and Sher-Wood says, "Just chatting with my friend Paul." Skeet wants to know how Sher-Wood knows his name, and Sher-Wood says, "It's on everybody's lips where I come from," and just laughs when Skeet asks where that is. "Speaking of, Tommy says hello," says Sher-Wood. I really don't think we need a Tommy flashback every episode, do we? "He died saving your skin, and you let him," says Sher-Wood. "A little boy. Nice." Heh! Skeet leans forward and yells some Latin at Sher-Wood, who closes his eyes. Dr. Bauer's all, dude! Was that an exorcism? And Skeet tells him to pray, but Dr. Bauer just stares. "And it worked!" he says. And Sher-Wood's light comes back on and he opens his eyes. "Well, no. Nice try, Skeet. I just don't swing that way."

Over at Miracles HQ, the rain is leaking through the roof, which isn't as bad as it sounds since at least we learn what Evelyn's job is; it's to collect the water in pots and pans. And Keel is doing his best to speak French on the telephone and is thanking another "doctor" for his help and promising him a picture, leading him to go digging through cluttered drawers, and we start to wonder just what kind of two-bit operation this is anyway. He tells Evelyn that the entity may actually be a "das unte [something]" and I didn't quite catch it, but it sounded German, and Keel says it's like the merry prankster, only it's far more malevolent and very deadly and is always looking for ways to "get in," and Evelyn's all "into us?" and you have to think Evelyn's used to guys trying to get into her. Keel explains that if Sher-Wood had paranormal abilities before, he'd just be more vulnerable to the entity. And Evelyn's wondering if the entity wants to destroy its host, and Keel's all, naw, the host is just its ticket in. It wants to destroy humanity. Evelyn's all, d'oh! Keel explains that the demon is very seductive and uses your deepest, darkest fears against you, so it would be targeting Dr. Bauer and his work. Evelyn's all, "Wouldn't it go after Skeet too?" and Keel says, "Damn skippy! We'd best be keepin' Skeet away from Sher-Wood!" and you can make Keel frantically rummage through drawers as much as you want, but you can't disguise the fact that this is a boring exposition scene. And finally Keel yanks out a Polaroid camera, since this demon gives off an electrical charge because it messes with phones and computers, and the aura is invisible to the naked eye but shows up on film. God, is this scene over yet? Evelyn asks how they get rid of it. Keel says it's tricky. ["Tricky?" -- Sars] They have to kill the host.

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