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The doctor's daughter

Speaking of the devil (get it? Heh), Sher-Wood is berating Dr. Bauer for getting mixed up with Skeet, whose cell phone goes off, like, thanks for turning off your cell phone in the hospital, Skeet! Sher-Wood tells him to answer it, so he opens it up, and the caller ID says, "YOUR MOTHER," which was pretty hilarious, and after about five minutes, Skeet drops the phone and Sher-Wood scolds him for not wanting to talk to his own mother. Skeet wants to get out of there and makes for the door, but Sher-Wood actually scoots over there first and blocks the door. Sher-Wood tells the poor befuddled doctor that Skeet doesn't actually exist, that he's just a projection of the doctor's own doubts and fears brought on by exhaustion, overwork, and "those little pills you've been gobbling for the past three months." Skeet, naturally, protests, and pushes Sher-Wood to the other side of the room. "Oh, sure. Shove a cripple," Sher-Wood bleeps. Hee! Skeet tries to hustle Dr. Bauer out of there, but Sher-Wood warns him that if he leaves, he'll be ruined and will never have the answers. And then he tells Skeet to tell Dr. Bauer about his daughter. "What about her?" says an agitated Dr. Bauer. "Man has a right to know if you're seeing his daughter," says Sher-Wood. "You're what?" yells the doctor. He goes NUTS. Skeet tries to explain that Raina came to him for help. Sher-Wood giggles, and Skeet turns towards him, giving Dr. Bauer the opportunity to knock Skeet out with a fire extinguisher. "It's all right, doc. You did the right thing," says Sher-Wood, who adds that the doctor will have all the answers if he does what Sher-Wood says. "The key is in the dosage. The real benefits occur at ten milligrams." He tells Dr. Bauer to give everyone on the ward ten milligrams, and then give himself ten milligrams as well. "Will you do that for me, doctor?" Since we need a cliffhanger to go into commercials with right now, it's a good bet the addled doctor says yes.

Skeet's on the floor. Dr. Bauer's nowhere to be found. And Sher-Wood's twirling around in his chair, singing to himself, while his screen fills up with "doo do doo, doo do doo." At the door, Julia's trying to prevent Evelyn and Keel from busting in all dramatically. But she fails, and Skeet magically wakes up and asks how they knew where he was. Raina called and said you were in trouble, Evelyn tells him, which begs the question: how did Raina know? And Skeet asks where Dr. Bauer is, since Skeet thinks he's going to hurt the other patients and then himself. "You were supposed to be out cold," complains Sher-Wood. Julia, who seems to be taking this remarkably in stride, goes over to the computer and looks at the data before Sher-Wood transforms it into a smiley-face. "Did someone tell Dr. Bauer to overdose the patients?" she says. "Wasn't me," says Sher-Wood. "Ten milligrams will kill them!" she says, and everyone goes out the door except Keel, who closes the door and whips out the camera. Sher-Wood whines about it not being his good side as Keel snaps the photo.

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