You Are My Sunshine

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I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine. Literally.

Downstairs, Evelyn's finished doing her best Andy Dufresne, and she and Rebecca open the metal door. "What's that smell?" she says. Dude, it's gonna be dead bodies. On scary shows, whenever somebody says, "What's that smell?" it's always dead bodies. Evelyn ventures into the passage. It's freezing -- you can see her breath. Rebecca's too scared to follow her. Evelyn opens a hatch in the wall -- and here are the dead bodies. They're blackened and quite suitably creepy, and appear to be locked in an embrace. Evelyn recoils, and Rebecca slams the passage door shut, trapping Evelyn inside. Despite Evelyn's shouts and frantic scrabbling, Rebecca won't let her out. As creepy bloody redhead stands beside her, Rebecca says, "You've put your hands on me for the last time."

Upstairs, Skeet and Keel are having a rather athletic fight; they're tossing each other onto counters, slamming heads in sinks, and breaking more furniture than a Chris Farley retrospective. Skeet grabs the ice pick, and is about to bring it down on Keel's head when Keel grabs a bowl or ashtray or some sort of breakable -- perhaps a very large Hummel -- and smashes it over Skeet's head, knocking him out.

Downstairs, Evelyn's own little plotline comes to a bit of an anticlimax, as Keel just -- opens the door and lets her out. That was a close one! Keel tells her that Rebecca's upstairs, and she's a little shaken up. Then he sees the corpses. "I guess the iceman and his mistress didn't run off after all," says Evelyn.

Upstairs, Rebecca's frying up that big ol' pot of hot oil again, while Keel jabbers on his cell phone and Evelyn tends to Skeet's injuries. After getting off the phone, Keel tells Rebecca that it's all over and that the ambulance is on its way. Evelyn wants to know what happened upstairs, like it takes a genius to figure out that maybe Skeet fought Keel just like he fought her, but whatever. Keel stumbles off to…I don't know, he doesn't say. Rebecca takes the pot off the stove and slowly starts walking toward Evelyn and Skeet. The scene fades into the past, with Rebecca becoming the bloody woman from the mirror (although she's not bloody right now), and she's walking toward the iceman (the same cigarette-smoking dude that Skeet saw in his dream) and his mistress, carrying what looks like a cast-iron pot of boiling water, while the iceman and the mistress dance to "You Are My Sunshine." At the very last moment, the iceman sees her; she says, "See what you did?" and tosses the water over the two of them.

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