You Are My Sunshine

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I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine. Literally.

And here he is, thumbing through one of Rebecca's photo albums, and the photos are a real mish-mash of places and people, like maybe Rebecca takes only one photograph on every trip she takes. "Is everything all right?" asks Rebecca as she hobbles down the hallway. "You've had a lot of adventures," snarls Skeet, and Rebecca's all, guess so! And Skeet starts reminiscing about how he'd wait for months for her to come back from one of her jaunts, and then she would act as if she never left. Skeet asks if she ever thought of him. "Sometimes?" she offers. He pulls out of a picture of Rebecca hugging some dude. "Is this him? The Russian photographer? What was his name?" and Rebecca says that dude was her editor, and I can't say I have any pictures of Sars hugging me like that (they were seized as evidence in her upcoming sexual harassment trial). ["In Geragos we trust." -- Sars] Skeet accuses her of sleeping with the Russian photographer. "It's been five years! You're not seriously going to bring all this up again, are you? We've done this already!" she says, and he barks, "No, we haven't!" He wants the truth. She looks at him for a long moment, obviously wondering if he can handle the truth. "It was a mistake," she says, finally. Skeet gets quiet, then walks over to a knick-knack shelf, where he reaches up and pulls down a dusty cigarette case and a lighter. "Tell me something, Rebecca," he says, blowing the dust off the cigarette case. "Have you ever made anyone happy? Just one person? I'd like to know." She wants to know what's going on. And why he's lighting one of those cigarettes. "You tell me. We are supposed to be in love," he says. "'Are'?" says Rebecca, and she reminds him that she was never able to be out of his sight without him taking it as some kind of rejection. "It wasn't working, Paul!" she says, and he seems to come back to the present day and is an ex-boyfriend who never got over her again. "I could have come with you! You never asked!" he says. "Maybe I wanted to be alone!" she says, which really hurts. "You want to be alone? Fine," says Skeet, and he walks out. Rebecca slumps against the wall, and in a mirror, we see (she doesn't) the same bloodied woman Skeet saw in the bathroom mirror.

Sun goes down, sun comes up. Skeet's in a vehicle (Rebecca's?) across the street from the house. He's smoking and drinking and he hasn't shaved. He looks a lot like I did after filling in on a few 7th Heaven recaps. The wood-paneled SQ station wagon pulls up, and Evelyn and Keel get out.

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