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Jerrold wanders over to find out what that was all about, and Kate laughs and says nothing. Daddy compliments Kate's work, and she says, "I learned from the best." Jerrold says, "No, I couldn't have done it," which is awfully presumptuous, if you ask me. "I wasn't thinking straight. Love got the best of me," and Kate's all, "'Love'?" and Dad's all, whatever, and they talk about having a conversation, and then they discuss the mechanics of actually having a conversation, and I don't mean they set a time to sit down and talk; Kate explains that the way conversations work is, one person says something and then the other person does, and…yeah. I don't really need to get into this whole thing, do I? They walk off down the hall, having shared yet another moment where Daddy learns a thing or two from his daughter, who's all grown up and not Daddy's little girl anymore. Sigh.

Back at the bookstore. Jared's warning someone away from a Clive Barker and pointing them to Camus, since it's obviously "paranoid revenge fantasy" he's after, and it always kills me when Harvard-trained television writers drop references to high-brow work on their programs so they don't feel like such hacks for working on light television dramedy, only they have to do it explicitly, and they might as well pop up on screen and say, "I know I'm writing Miss Match, but I've read Camus and Kafka! And you can tell because I just mentioned them on my show!" Speaking of Kafka, Jared scurries away like a cockroach when Rachel rolls up and yells, "I love you!" And thank god Jared is addicted only to love, because if he were an actual junkie, I'd hate to think that Rachel would come wandering in with a syringe and a length of rubber hose. "I love you violently. I love you hopelessly. And I never thought I could love at all. So even if you don't love me, after a first date that lasted almost two days, after we've been engaged, broken off the engagement and you've confessed to being part of a twelve-step program, maybe we could at least go out on a second date." He smiles. "You had me at 'violently,'" he says. Okay, he doesn't. He does quietly say, "Can we, um, can we take it slow?" Rachel smiles. "I know I love you. Now I'd love to get to know you." "That's so romantic," says Jared. And they start doing it right there.

Kate comes home to a mysterious box on her front step, which she doesn't even open before she goes inside. She starts playing her phone messages, and the first one is from Michael, saying it was too bad she had to leave early the other night, because she missed the birthday cake. And the bar played lots of Thin Lizzy! Inside the box, a piece of said birthday cake. "I'm guessing you like lots of icing," says Michael's message, while Kate makes tortured faces, which only become more agonizing as Michael thanks Kate for bringing Amy into his life. "It's amazing what you do for people. For me. Okay, I'm officially rambling. Bye." Kate steels herself and then takes that Your Boundaries, Your Life book that was such a major plot point and which SHE DIDN'T EVEN READ, tosses it into the trash, and tears into the cake.

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