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As they walk and talk, they walk right into the meeting room where Sandy is, and she's played Michele Lee, who's kind of going for a "Joan Jett at sixty" look. Kate says hi, but Sandy completely freezes her out to say hello to Jerrold. "You're carrying the extra weight well," she says. Jerrold says she looks exactly the same (which I HOPE isn't true). "My compliments to your surgeon," he says. Oh, we're in for some witty ripostes now! "So much for introductions. I'd like to start off --" begins Kate, but she's interrupted again by Sandy, who wants to cut to the chase, saying all Ms. Baxter is entitled to is fifty percent of her husband's unemployment compensation, but he's going to throw in the house as a gesture of goodwill. "We want five million in cash, fifty percent of residual income, and you can keep the house. Hi, I'm Kate Fox. Maybe you remember me." "'Course I remember you, dear. I just didn't realize it was Bring Your Daughter To Work Day." Hee! Sandy tells Kate to rethink the offer, since Mr. Baxter didn't write the program until after the couple split up, so Ms. Baxter ain't entitled to squat. The little Ms. Baxter finally speaks up, saying that all he did while they were married was work on the program. And there's Mr. Baxter, who looks exactly like a really young David Letterman (only instead of funny, he's really cranky. Well, more so), spitting out that it wasn't until he left her that he was able to write anything. After Jerrold calms everybody down, Sandy says, "I'll see you in court," and they stomp out of there. Nick, who's been rather entertained by the whole display, says, "I want to be her when I grow up." Then he says they should take the offer. Jerrold's pissed, though, so he says they're going to subpoena every computer this guy has used since he was in Grade 4, so they can find out exactly when he wrote the program. Then he relaxes a little bit. "'Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.' That was good." Kate glares at him. But it was! It really, really was.

Back in her office, Kate meets up with Rachel and Jared. "How was the date?" she asks. Rachel and Jared just stare at her for a few moments, until Jared conspiratorially says, "We're still on it!" Yes, they've been on a date for 32 hours, and I'd kind of like to know how Jared's deodorant is holding up at this point. They babble on about how extraordinary it is, but after a few minutes they just knew. "Knew what?" says Kate. "Kate, I'm in love!" says Rachel. Kate's thrilled. "We're getting married!" says Jared. He and Rachel kiss. Kate looks a little concerned. I hardly blame her; it's a little early for this. I don't mean in the relationship, I mean in the episode. It's kind of like when you're watching Law & Order and the jury comes back with a not-guilty verdict, and you look at your watch and notice that there's still 15 minutes left, so you just know there's going to be some twist. Commercials.

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Miss Match




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