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Kate seems to be taking this seriously, though, as now she's at the Sunset Lounge asking Victoria, "Do you think I'm a love addict?" and all Victoria can do is say, "Duh." Kate pretty much starts to lose it over that. "Of course you're a love addict! You're a matchmaker!" Kate's looking for stuff beyond that, so Victoria points out that Kate will drive halfway across town to check on a couple when a phone call would have sufficed, she gets overly involved in the dates to the point of dressing the women in her own clothes, and she uses the Sunset Lounge as her own personal Playboy Mansion, which I have to say would have been a pretty great episode. Kate's a little annoyed with Victoria by this point, and says she just makes an extra effort. So Victoria asks if Kate returned Amy's PDA. Kate's all, ohmigod! I forgot! "Case of the love addict closed," says Victoria triumphantly, but Kate denies that she still has the PDA because she's curious what's in there.

Kate's office. She's taking a test on the internet for "Love Addicts Anonymous." L.A.A.? Would the Los Angeles branch be L.A.L.A.A.? Because I really think I could get behind that. All I've found on the internet are groups that specify sex and love addictions together, but I guess Miss Match dropped the sex aspect to be, what, not so Montel Jordan? Anyway, knock yourself out. Kate's answering "yes" to kind of vague questions like whether she obsesses over love and whether she gets "high" from love. With each "yes" answer, Kate gets increasingly worried. It's exactly the opposite of the responses my friends and I would give when we'd be out drinking and see pamphlets to determine if we were problem drinkers. Every "yes" answer we'd give to questions like "Do you find yourself planning to get drunk?" and "Have you ever experienced memory loss due to drinking?" was usually greeted with whooping and hollering, and quite possibly high-fiving. But those were different times. It was the late '90s. And if they want us to take the Love Addicts Anonymous thing seriously, they should quit with the jaunty music they're playing here.

Kate's mulling over the "Do you find yourself obsessing over a specific person?" question when Amy's PDA starts ringing. She picks it up, and notices on the calendar a memo to "CALL STRIPPER." On the day that's listed as MMBDay! Gasp! Kate takes the PDA down the hall to Claire, with instructions to give it only to Amy when Amy comes by to pick it up, and not back to Kate under any circumstances. "What'd you do, look inside it?" Kate gets all indignant, what with Claire touching that nerve and all. "Contrary to popular opinion, I am not obsessed with everyone's love life!" says Kate. Claire's all, "Okay," while she tries to get back to work, which is a nice change of pace for her, but I imagine even Claire would want to get back to work, what with Kate babbling on about how she's establishing boundaries and separating her life from her work. Claire just says "okay" again, so Kate completely breaks down and confesses to looking in the PDA. "Way to hold up under pressure," says Nick, slapping her on the back as he walks in, even though he doesn't have any idea what she's talking about. "My sarcasm has carte blanche," he explains. Nothing's more appealing than someone who's always sarcastic! I -- wait a minute. That's me! She reminds him that they're meeting Julia Baxter after lunch. "Oh yeah, about that," he says. "Bad news."

Nick explains to Jerrold that they had a team of computer analysts go over Julia's husband's computer. "He wrote it after they were separated. We officially have no case," he says, and asks if they can settle now. Kate wants to try one more thing. Doesn't she always?

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