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Special thanks to Miss Alli and Jessica, who did such a great job of filling in for me that I was secretly hoping to take more time off so I could read more recaps by them. But since I couldn't figure out a way for them to do the recaps and me to get the paycheque, I'm back.

For what I think is the first time on this show, we get a bunch of "Previously on Miss Match" shots that outline the wackiness that is Kate and Michael's blossoming relationship, specifically the whole contrived nonsense of the Birds of Prey chick being both Michael's ex-girlfriend and Kate's new legal client. Considering Dina Meyer spent almost the entire run of Birds of Prey in a wheelchair (albeit a rather tall wheelchair), it's kind of weird for me to say that she seems shorter here somehow, but there you have it.

We pick up right after the previous episode ended, and I've expressed the desire in recaps before to have my shows behave a lot more like 24, but I usually mean in terms of ratcheting up the body count. The bizarre love triangle decides to sit for dinner, and the hostess makes a big deal of announcing that she'll set an extra place for dinner, and inquires politely as to whether anyone else will be joining them. Michael and "Lauren," I guess, head to the table while Kate lags behind to make a face at the hostess like, "It's supposed to be just me and him, but what can you do?" Like the hostess cares. It's kind of like the scene in Rushmore when Max apologizes to the waiter because Miss Cross brought Dr. Flynn along to dinner, only not as hilarious.

So they sit down, and Lauren apologizes, since moving into her own place took more out of her than she thought it would, or some such nonsense, and speaking as someone who recently packed up and moved to another province, I can safely say that after a long day of moving, the last thing I would want would be to head out to a fancy restaurant with my ex-girlfriend and her date, especially if the date was better-looking and younger than me. Lauren appears not to care, though, especially since both Kate and Michael assure her that she's quite the little trouper for doing it or whatever, and Michael gives her a Reassuring Hand Squeeze that goes on much too long for Kate's taste, so she makes a face. Then everybody expresses awkward shock at how everybody knows each other. Especially shocked is Lauren, who's surprised that Kate and Michael know each other, since they seem like such opposites, which is such a load (and in any case I don't think there's a rule against knowing people who aren't exactly like you), and Kate and Michael recount the story of how they met, talking over each other. Kate says she gave Michael her card. Michael says, "I was in a bar," and for some reason known only to them they're acting like this was years and years ago and the details are fuzzy or something, and they're struggling to remember, like, it was JUST A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO SO QUIT WITH THE "IT FEELS LIKE WE'VE KNOWN EACH OTHER FOREVER" ROUTINE THANK YOU. Anyway, Michael hems and haws as he tries to explain that Kate "was…is" his matchmaker, since he's never said that out loud, and I don't know that that would be information I'd be thrilled to admit to an ex-girlfriend anyway. "Kate's my matchmaker," he says. "And friend!" insists Kate, and Michael quickly agrees. Lauren, to clarify, confirms that her new lawyer is also a matchmaker who just happens to be setting up her ex-boyfriend. "Only in L.A.," she laments.

The waiter pops up to ask if they're ready to order, but Lauren says she should be going. Instead of getting Kate and Michael's orders, the waiter nods and LEAVES for some reason, like, nice service. Lauren, sliding out from the booth, knocks her purse to the floor, spilling a few things, so as she and Kate scoop things up, Lauren apologizes. "I'm sorry about all this," she stage-whispers, and she sounds sincere about it, which means her behaviour for the rest of the episode is a bit of a surprise. When she finally stands to go, Kate is the one who finally asks her to stay for dinner, but Lauren says she can't, what with the two of them all dressed up, and she doesn't want to intrude if this is something special. "No, no, it's just dinner," says Michael, a little too casually, and Lauren couldn't have missed the look Kate shoots him (although Michael, naturally, is oblivious). But Kate recovers herself to confirm that this is indeed just dinner, so Lauren sits back down and gets ready for a seven-course meal of stink-eye from Kate.

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