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Fox Daddy meets with Lauren in his office, giving her the de rigueur "how's my favourite client?" greeting. "Not so good, Jerry," she says, and since that means she won't let him kiss her, he wants to know how he can help. She's not sure, though (although I bet she's lying). She tells Jerrold it has to do with Kate; she's a fine gal, and sharp as a tack and all that, but she spends a lot of time with my ex-boyfriend, someone who I still have feelings, and consarn it, I told Kate as much. "If their relationship was anything more than friendly, I don't think I'd feel comfortable with this firm representing me," she says. "Absolutely," says Jerrold. Lauren really lays it on, saying that this is the hardest time she's ever had to go through. "There's no reason to make it harder for me." Again, Jerrold agrees, and he doubts Kate would do any such thing, but he will talk to her. Lauren, however, would prefer to clear this up now.

So in comes Kate, about to be ambushed by Lauren with the assistance of dear ol' Dad, who wants her to assure Lauren that she and Michael are just friends. "Why is this important?" asks Kate, and Jerrold explains that it might be hard for Lauren to trust her, and by extension the firm, if she were "making hay" with Michael. "Well, we're not," says Kate, although maybe she's as confused as I am as to what exactly "making hay" entails. "Thank you, Kate. That's all I needed to hear," says Lauren, who then thanks the both of them as she leaves. Fox Daddy gives Kate a "what's with her?" before Kate lets him have it. "How could you do that to me?" she asks him, and he is of course clueless as to what he actually did. She accuses him of putting her on the spot in a way that was entirely disrespectful. He wonders what the harm is, unless there really is something going on with Michael, and she doesn't say as much, but he figures out that in fact there is. He wonders why, if this guy is so important, he hasn't met him yet. Kate says he did -- at Thanksgiving, and Jerrold's rather lame response is that Michael certainly didn't make much of an impression. Kate blah blahs about Lauren interfering in her personal life, and Jerrold, getting a little angrier, says that if Kate's personal life is interfering, then they "have an issue!" And, as he reminds Kate, they've been down this road before. Kate accuses him of being hypocritical. "Hey, when I sleep with a client, it helps the case!" he says. Heh! Ryan O'Neal really deserves more screen time. Kate stomps off, Fox Daddy following so he can tell her that he doesn't want to know about it and he doesn't want Lauren to know about it; it's in her hands, and he's confident she'll do the right thing. Well, that would be a first. Commercials.

Trial time. Philshisname is questioning Chuck Webb as to whether Mia was aware of the dangers inherent in going on a reality show. Kate's reasonable objections are, each and every one, overruled by Judge Blake, who gets more and more vicious with each "overruled!" Fox Daddy, who has decided to show up for trial, whispers, "You pissed off the judge, didn't you?" Chuck is going on about how his show actually did Mia a favour by exposing her husband as the cheating rat he is, and for some reason points out how much publicity Fox and Associates has received as a result of this trial. "It's all self-interest," he says, earning another "objection!" from Kate and a very pissed-off "overruled!" from Judge Blake, so Kate squeaks out a request to speak to the judge in her chambers. That's shot down by Blake, who snottily points out that the judge requests meetings in her chambers, not the other way around, so Kate asks to approach the bench, without the court reporter. When she gets there, she says Judge Blake is punishing her for reasons that have nothing to do with this trial. "How dare you accuse me of impropriety! I'm your judge!" she says. And Kate says, "I'm your matchmaker!" which I hate to tell her doesn't really carry quite as much weight -- no pun intended. But Kate says she has "feedback" that indicates Judge Black treats a lot of people with impropriety. Judge Black finally says the F-word and wants Kate to admit that her dates don't like her because she's fat. Kate tells Judge Blake that she's a very attractive woman, and it's not her weight that's the problem; it's her personality. Hearing this, Chuck, who's still on the stand, smiles, and the judge, momentarily taken aback, barks a "What are you looking at?" at him. "You can't be the judge all the time. Especially on your dates," says Kate. "I know how hard that is. But you just might like the ruling you get." That'll do, Kate. The judge says Kate has one more chance, so Kate asks the judge to give her case a fair listen. "Of course. Flimsy as it may be," says the judge, who adjourns court for the next day. Philshisname looks like he just swallowed a thumbtack.

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