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Outside court, Chuck tells Kate the judge should have her own show. Kate thinks he's kidding and calls Blake a real "crowd-pleaser." But Chuck's serious. "When she's mean, she is a star. And she's even sexy in that fatty-fat-fat kind of way." Then he thinks better of that, not because it's an incredibly assoholic thing to say, but because the judge could lose weight and gain it and people would enjoy that. Kate sarcastically says she'll pass on his enthusiasm, and Chuck makes her promise. He runs off, but calls back to say he's sending over Episode Five, since he heard Kate was missing it, and Kate makes her "I'm so embarrassed I was found out!" face.

Back at the office, Claire buzzes Kate to let her know that Mia and Freddy Fisher are there to see her, but before she can meet with them, her dad rushes in with Nick to turn on the television, and promos for Honeymoon Hotel are already airing (with such great taglines as "Just because you've settled down doesn't mean you can't sleep around"). Nick asks Kate if she remembered to include promos in the temporary restraining order, and I guess she didn't, but before they can fully examine the stupidities of this plot contrivance, in bustle a very happy Freddy and Mia Fisher, who have decided to get back together. Mia wants to drop the suit, because in the ONE DAY that the promos have been airing, all kinds of people have been calling them, from old acquaintances and relatives, to endorsements, to Ellen (to book them on her show), like, yeah, we really believe that reality shows are still so amazingly popular that these two nudniks have been catapulted to fame based on a thirty-second promo that's been airing for one day, so let's just leave this stupid plotline at that, shall we? Other than to mention that Kate gripes this whole thing was a "waste of time" and I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF.

Speaking of stupid plotlines, the judge and Chuck are eating at the Only Bar, and Chuck is blabbing on about how she needs to lose the robe, which is a "holdover," whatever that means, and that the gavel is the only thing that works. A very happy Judge Blake is really enjoying herself. "Go on, I'm listening," she says. WE GET IT. We don't need to hear Chuck say, "You nasty. And that's hot." So okay, they're on their way to getting it on. Naturally, Victoria's standing right there with a cordless phone and a book of judicial references to make. "The verdict is in," she says, and you should see my eyes rolling right about now. "It's a match!" she adds, and Kate thinks that is amazing, but adds, "I'm not going to judge it," and it was all I could do at this point to keep from hurling the television out the window. Victoria inquires about tonight being the big night with Michael, and Kate says no, but before she can explain the situation to a confused Victoria, the doorbell rings, so Kate hangs up and goes to answer the door.

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Miss Match




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