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She's more attractive with the beard

It's Michael, who comes in and leans in for a kiss, only to have Kate recoil, and then apologize for recoiling, so Michael heads outside to try that again. He comes back in, and Kate says they need to talk. Michael says okay, but then Kate's kettle starts whistling so they scurry into the kitchen. He's a little amazed that they're already having a talk even though they haven't had a date. Kate says he's making this hard, so he says he's not going to make it easy, and leans in for a kiss again. Denied! Kate asks if he told Lauren about them. Michael pauses for a moment before saying no. "She thinks there's something going on with us," says Kate. "There is," says Michael, and Kate makes her doe eyes. "Well, she doesn't want it happening," says Kate, and Michael wants to know why they're even talking about Lauren. Because, Kate says, she still has feelings for you. And Michael says of course that Lauren has nothing to do with the two of them, and Kate tells him about Lauren's visit to the office. Michael's somewhat south of thrilled. Kate says she doesn't know what to do. "And I don't know what to say," says a frustrated Michael, who says he can't ask Kate to sacrifice her work for him. Kate looks like she's ready to cry. "We haven't even gone out," says Michael. "I know," says Kate. They look at each other, and then start to pretend that it's really no big thing. It was just a kiss, right? Yeah, no big whoop! Kate gives her "maybe when the case is over" line, and Michael pretends to think that'll work, and they gaze lustily at each other some more, until Michael turns to go. But not for long; he comes back in, grabs Kate's face with both his hands, and they start making out, bouncing from wall to wall like that guy in the A-Ha video at the end when he's trying to bust out of the comic book. Destination: bedroom.

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Miss Match




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