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After the meeting, Nick's impressed that Kate suggested a temporary restraining order, as that will add about fifty billable hours to what had been a relatively simple divorce. "You're catching on, my young pupil," he says, like he's the wizened old mentor. Kate rants that she doesn't understand why people go on those shows in the first place -- or why people would watch them. "Don't they have anything better to do? Whatever happened to books?" "I remember those!" says Nick. Then he says they should get a copy of that videotape. "For evidence!" he says. Credits.

Commercials. I can't even imagine how much more fun I could be having in my life if I just added pepperoni to all my regular activities.

Kate's in her bedroom wearing a short lingerie thing that's quite becoming, and soft music is playing, and she's rubbing her legs with something, which would mean it's about time for Michael to call, which he does (Kate's phone's call display tells us so). She looks at the display and thinks about it for a moment before she picks up, knowing that this is going to be one of those flirty conversations where she and Michael lounge around their respective bedrooms speaking softly to each other. Apparently deciding that it beats rubbing her legs with ylang ylang or jojoba or whatever it is she's doing, she picks up. Michael asks what she's doing and she says "nothing," which always makes me think of the time that Elaine told Jerry she did nothing last night and explained that she sat in a chair and stared. Michael asks if she's doing "girl things" and Kate asks, almost irritably, what exactly he thinks "girl things" are, and he says, "I don't know, shopping?" and Kate starts to say, "Michael, what you don't know about women --" and he says, "I know, I've got a book coming out." But it strikes me that women get most irritated by a man's stereotypical views on women when the man has zeroed in on a stereotype that fits the particular woman perfectly, as is the case here. Although, to be fair, she's obviously still annoyed over the whole Lauren thing (except should we remind Kate who insisted that Lauren stay for dinner?).

Speaking of that, he apologizes for that, saying he should never have let Lauren come for dinner. "It was arguably the worst call of all time." No, the worst call of all time was not picking Wayne Gretzky for the shootout to decide Canada's game against the Czech Republic in the 1998 Winter Olympics. This is up there, though, and Kate agrees (with Michael, not with me). "I didn't know you two were in touch," says Kate. Michael says it's off and on, "but there's nothing, you know, going on." "I don't need to know that, Michael," says Kate, and Michael's response is that he wants her to know -- and he wants to try dinner again. "The three of us?" says Kate. No, silly! Michael suggests tomorrow night, but Kate says she has plans. She might be lying. Michael says a client of his is having an open house Wednesday night to show off the house Michael designed for him. "I'd love for you to see it," he says. "I don't know, Michael," says Kate. Undaunted, Michael adds, "And I'd love to see you." Kate says "maybe" she'll stop by, like, ACCEPT HIS APOLOGY AND MOVE ON, Kate. "I'll email you directions," says Michael, like, what is up with the emailing of directions on this show, and then he says, "Sweet dreams," and Kate looks like she just got hit on the head with a two-by-four, and they hang up and Kate squeals and flops back onto her bed.

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