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The next day, Kate exchanges awkward hellos with Lauren in her office before settling in to go over some things with her. First up: verifying some information in a joint tax return. Lauren fake-casually brings up Michael, saying she hopes she didn't interrupt a dating-strategy session the other night, and Kate assures her it's fine, and Lauren's curious as to how the whole matchmaking thing is going, saying she can offer some advice, since she knows what Michael likes and doesn't like. "I'm sure you do!" Kate says brightly, trying to get down to business, mumbling something about deducting property taxes from their house in Napa, but she doesn't see it on the return. "Well, that's what Adam told me," says Lauren, who adds that that would make sense, what with Adam being a lying liar who lies all the time. Not like Michael, though. "He may waffle when it comes to relationships, but he certainly has integrity," says Lauren. "He really does," says Kate, no doubt forgetting the time Michael wanted Kate to dump his new girlfriend for him. Now that's integrity! Then Kate seizes on the other thing Lauren said, and asks what she meant by "waffle." Lauren breezily says that Michael can be a tad slippery at times; one moment you think you're close to him, the next moment he's gone. Oh, but Kate must know that by now, being his matchmaker and everything, right? Lauren smiles her Evil Brunette Minx Vixen smile. "Maybe he just hasn't found the right person yet," says Kate. But Lauren's not done. Pretending she's fascinated by the whole matchmaking business, she asks what happens when a man comes along and Kate wants to keep him for herself. Kate stammers out something about being new at the whole thing and figuring out the rules as she goes along. "Seems like a minefield for a single woman," says Lauren. "I guess it is," agrees Kate. Finished mucking things up for now, Lauren promises to check into the Napa house property tax thing or whatever, and gets up to go, leaving Kate behind to make disconcerted faces.

In court the next day, Kate's asking the judge for a temporary restraining order on Episode One of Honeymoon Hotel, produced by "Chuck Webb productions" since the airing of the episode will cause "grievous emotional and psychological distress" to their client, which prompts Other Lawyer to stand up and spit fire to the effect that the TRO would cause grievous distress to the First Amendment's right to free speech. "But hey, 'emotional distress'! Screw the First Amendment!" he yells, rather hammy, and I think the actor should know that he's a little long in the tooth to get noticed for his stellar work in a bit part on Miss Match, and his sarcastic histrionics cause the judge to throw a pencil or something at him. It's a little much, but you can hardly blame her. "Apologize!" she shouts. "You will not address the court in that tone," and she is of course correct, but maybe if she wants her courtroom to be a model of decorum she should refrain from, I don't know, THROWING SHIT AT THE LAWYERS, and Kate's jaw actually drops, and the besieged defence lawyer apologizes. "Forgive me, but this motion should be laughed out of court." "Do you see me laughing," says the judge, rather imperiously. The answer is, I don't think anyone has seen her laugh. Ever. And if the judge looks familiar, it's because she was also the bearded lady on Carnivale. She was also in a movie called Dickwad. How can you not love the IMDb? "Miss Fox, I'll give you your TRO," says the judge. She says they'll meet tomorrow, at which time they'll set a trial date. Kate sits down and whispers to Nick, "I can't believe that worked." "We're lucky we got Judge Blake," he whispers back. "She's so insane, we might just be in luck." So they're lucky, and they might also be in luck. But Judge Blake isn't through. "In my chambers," she says. Kate and Nick both stand up, but Judge Blake says, "No, just you," pointing at Kate. Nick practically shoves her, he's so happy Judge Blake doesn't want to see him.

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