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The next day in court, the judge sets a trial date of next Tuesday and warns everyone to a) be on time, b) not surprise her (she hates surprises), and c) get their trash out of her courtroom. Kate stands up and innocently asks to talk to the judge on an unrelated matter.

In Blake's chambers, Kate sweetly informs the judge that she's thrilled to be in business with her, but she feels it's only appropriate to alert opposing counsel of the arrangement. "Fine. Tell whatshisname if he has a problem he can take it up with me," says the judge. Kate thanks her and rushes off to catch up with Whatshisname outside of court. Whatshisname's name is actually Phil, and Kate tells him she needs to disclose something that he's not going to like, and lays out the judge's request, and lets him know (a little too obviously) that the judge is still in her chambers if Phil wants to go and give her a piece of his mind for violating the judicial code of conduct so blatantly. "What does matchmaking entail?" asks Philshisname. Kate explains that she hangs out with the judge and sends her out on dates with the hope of finding a perfect match for her. "Oh, I've got no problem with that," says Philshisname. Kate's rather surprised. "You're supposed to find someone who's going to love Judge Blake? Good luck!" he says, and walks off. My thoughts exactly. Kate calls after him that there's a possibility Kate will be successful and then the judge would favour Kate in the courtroom. Well, Kate, that would be known as grounds for appeal. Nice work. Nick, who's been trailing behind and rolling his eyes the whole time, strolls up. "Are we good?" he says, and Kate just stomps off. Commercials.

Isn't it a huge assumption to make that anyone at all is rooting for anyone on Average Joe, let alone "America"?

Back at Fox and Associates, Kate is no longer the victim of Claire's utter uselessness as a receptionist; she's now the one responsible, as Claire appears to be helping Kate write a personals ad for Judge Black, so the skinny Claire really endears herself to everyone by running down many euphemisms for people of Judge Black's carriage, including "curvy," "Rubenesque," and "supersize." It's Nick's helpful opinion that "if baby got back, you must disclose," displaying once again his winning sensitivity. When Fox Daddy strolls in and finds out Kate's dilemma, he tells her he's got a golfing buddy named Sergio who "loves a woman you can really put your arms around." Kate's thrilled, but still disgusted enough to say she's not going to ask how Jerrold knows that. She does ask if Sergio is nice, though. "He's a perfect gentlemen, and very handsome too," says Jerrold. "Tell me more!" squeals Kate.

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