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Kate runs up to Judge Blake wondering if she's okay, because she sounded upset in the message she left for Kate that none of us got to hear. Turns out Judge Blake considers Sergio a "loser," and not only that, he's "fat." And Judge Blake does not want to date a fat loser, "especially one with mother issues." Kate suggest that maybe they should move beyond superficial qualities like weight. "Why?" snaps Judge Blake, looking directly at Kate, daring her to say something. Kate wonders if Judge Blake and Sergio didn't have lots to talk about, but Blake says that she can talk to her cat; what she wants from Kate are results. "Frankly, Miss Fox, I'm as unimpressed with your matchmaking skills as I am with your latest briefs in the Honeymoon Hotel case." She orders Kate to find her someone else for tomorrow night, as she happens to be free. She stomps off, heel prints embedded directly in Kate's forehead.

Michael's client's party. Kate arrives, and I know all of you have been spoiled in the last couple of recaps with descriptions of her hair and clothes, and Lord knows I aim to please, so here goes: Kate's hair is kind of up on top but still hangs down some, and also she's wearing a red dress. Anything else? Um, okay. And her hair is really…cute? And also, her dress is…cute. Kate spies Michael talking to someone when she's interrupted by Lauren, who starts bubbling about how she can tell Michael was inspired when he designed this house. Kate's quite surprised to see her, as she is by Lauren's use of the first-person plural including Michael when she says, "We're right over here," as she snags some wine for Michael, who, as Lauren informs Kate, is having a great time. Lauren says she remembers most of these people "from back in the day," whatever that's supposed to mean, and whisper-asks Kate how Lauren should introduce her: as Michael's matchmaker or as Lauren's lawyer? Kate politely says she's here tonight as Michael's friend, thanks.

They arrive at Michael's side, with Michael graciously accepting the glass of wine from Lauren and then leaning in to Kate to kiss her cheek and whisper, "What's Lauren doing here?" and of course Kate was just about to ask him the same thing. Then the owner of the house strolls up wanting to be introduced to Michael's "harem," like, how badly does this guy need his eyes poked out, and Michael introduces Ian to Kate: "Matchmaker, lawyer, and friend." Ian says, "A multi-hyphenate. Impressive," and he's really coming across like Mark McKinney's Darryl character from The Kids in the Hall, and he also introduces Lauren as an "old friend," and Lauren then announces that she needs to "borrow" Michael for a moment, and Michael looks like he's passing a kidney stone, but Ian gives the go-ahead, so Lauren takes Michael by the arm, leaving Kate to drown in Ian's smarm as he says he's fascinated by matchmaking. You know where this is leading; yes, Kate will talk to a perfect stranger for five minutes and then decide to pair him up with a client who's paying her a thousand dollars, and then she'll make her Eeek! face when things don't go smoothly. And meanwhile she's watching Lauren lead Michael around the whole time from couple to couple. Since she's being incredibly obvious, Ian notices Kate's interest and says, "Cute couple, don't you think?" so Kate makes a little thin-lipped smile.

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Miss Match




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