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Later, Kate's tossing back the champagne and wandering through the house when she's grabbed and pulled into a little alcove that's bare, save for dozens of unattended candles just waiting to burn the house down. It's Michael who's "kidnapped" her. "What happened to Lauren?" gripes Kate, and Michael's all, "Well, I didn't invite her," and Kate's all, "Well, neither did I," and Michael's all, can we not talk about my ex-girlfriend, and Kate says that'd be great. So Michael explains that this stupid room is his favourite room, and it's the "wishing room," and he got the idea for it when Ian sent him to Nepal for "inspiration." The reason there's nothing in the room is so there's room for the wishes, or whatever, and Kate, who sounds slightly drunk, asks if Michael believes that, and he just tells her to close her eyes. She does, and he moves around behind her and tells her to make a wish. Kate's getting into it, but suddenly draws away to lecture him because she has no idea what he's doing, because he's sending mixed signals, and maybe he's still got feelings for his ex-girlfriend. "I can't ever read you. And you make no effort to tell me how you feel, if you feel anything at all, and --" In what is obviously a bid to shut her up, Michael leans in and kisses her. He wants to make himself perfectly clear: "From the moment I saw you, Kate, I couldn't get you out of my head." Kate's eyes are like saucers. "Every time you set me up with someone, I hoped she'd be like you. Only I realized, I didn't want someone like you; I wanted you. I've always wanted you. But you keep throwing women at me, so I just never knew --" and this time Kate kisses him in what is obviously a bid to jam her tongue down his throat. After they come up for air, she whispers, "It worked." What did? asks Michael. "The wishing room," says Kate, and they kiss some more, much to the chagrin of Lauren, who's standing there taking everything in. Commercials.

The next morning, Kate is taking coffee from the coffee shop out to Victoria on the sidewalk, who's grumpily pointing out that she doesn't get up this early for anybody but Kate so this better be a life-threatening emergency, even though every friggin' episode features the two of them getting coffee in the mornings, and Kate giggles that she saw Michael last night, and Victoria rightfully points out that she thought they were done with the whole Michael thing. "I was, but he pulled me back in," laughs Kate, and Victoria wonders if Michael is the Godfather or something, and have I mentioned how much I love Victoria, and Kate's absolutely beaming, and Victoria wonders if that's a "we kissed" smile or a "we kissed, we went back to his place, I just rolled out of his bed" smile. The former, says Kate, which likely doesn't impress Victoria too much, but still, she's quite happy for Kate and wants to know all the details. "It was perfect," says Kate, and Victoria, the hard-nosed yin to Kate's romantic yang, says she might cry. Kate sets the scene for her, the whole stupid "wishing room" thing, and says it was very innocent and still very sexy. "You are totally a couple," squeals Victoria, and Kate disagrees. She says they're totally something; she just doesn't know what. Oh, and I think her hair and outfit are cute.

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