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He broke off the engagement after she destroyed Tokyo
We're at what looks to be the same place where Kate's friends held their wedding on the very first episode, only this time it's for a couple, Gabrielle and Andrew, who are thanking all their guests for showing up, and I guess someone gave them bathrobes, because they are wearing them, and then telling everyone not to forget about the big day, so I guess this was the wedding shower. Every wedding I've ever been to has had the gift opening AFTER the wedding, which seems to make more sense to me, especially given what's about to transpire. And Kate talks to some random woman in the crowd, mainly to establish the fact that Gabrielle's dad and Fox Daddy are old friends. The random woman explains that she worked with Gabrielle "at Calvin." In marketing. "We miss her," says Random Woman, who goes on to comment that Gabrielle's wedding party is the size of a soccer team. Kate notes that Andrew has just as many groomsmen, and then checks out one of them, played by Bradley Cooper, last seen raising the internal temperatures of Alias fans (until he was stabbed and left for dead in Sydney's apartment -- OR WAS HE?). "Cute ones, too," says Random Woman, who strolls away to pick up her SAG card.

Kate and Non-Dead Bradley Cooper keep checking each other out, until "Gabby" comes screeching up and we learn that Kate is a bridesmaid, and Gabby awkwardly lets us know that she and Kate haven't seen each other much over the past ten years or so, and they reminisce about barbecues at which their dads always burned everything and tried to pass it off as "Cajun-style," which reminds me of the time my roommates and I in university attempting to cook dinner for the girls down the street as a thank-you since they were constantly cooking for us, and my contribution was actually blackened fish, except I really didn't know how to make it so I just turned the heat up really high under the skillet and scooped on the cayenne pepper, to the unfortunate result that we all started coughing and choking and our eyes started watering, and I guess then we got used to it, but when the girls showed up, they too started coughing and choking as soon as they walked in the door, like, THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US YOUR APPRECIATION FOR US COOKING FOR YOU BY TRYING TO KILL US, GUYS, and sorry for getting off on a tangent, but it doesn't really matter, as Gabby's dialogue has been lifted directly from the "Total Cheese" section at your local Hallmark store, as she blathers on about all the memories that are a part of her and such. Then she gives a bullet list of instructions for Bridesmaid Kate: hair up, shoes dyed to match (match her hair?), discreet jewelry, no tan lines. Then she gets mock-horrified over how she sounds like a cliché, which she should know really won't be a problem on this show. Gabby then hauls down another one of her bridal party, so Kate can go back to making eyes at Non-Dead Will Tippin.

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