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The hour of dinner fast approaching, Kate makes the inevitable phone call to Nick, who's on his cell and standing around at the crap tables with the oh-so-irresponsible Shatner. She wants to know where he is, and Nick promises they're on their way, but it's too late. Kate has deduced that they haven't even left Vegas yet. "Hang up, hang up," Shatner cajoles. Heh. Nick has to roll, so he hands the phone to Shatner, who thanks Kate for sending Nick, because Nick improved Shatner's luck as soon as he arrived. Kate reminds Shatner that he needs to be in town soon, but he's noncommittal, suggesting that he might have to stay around and try to get even. Kate gets Nick back on the phone, and she tells him that the deal is off. "Don't do me any favors; I'll see you Monday," she says, and she hangs up.

As Kate walks by her bathroom door on her way back to the living room, there is an intrusive flushing sound, and Cancer Boy emerges. He gushes over Kate for a while, and before you know it, the plot you knew was coming gets underway -- Cancer Boy tries to ask Kate out, much to what appears to be her consternation. She is saved by the doorbell and weasels out of the conversation, running to get the door yet again. And who's at the door? That's right. It's Amy, holding something on a plate. Oh, my stars, it's a Jell-O mold. "Amy, what's going on?" Kate asks, trying not to look horrified. Amy guiltily grins that she wasn't able to tell her parents the truth about Michael not coming, so she called the whole thing off. She says that she remembered Kate's invitation, so she just came right over. No. No, you may not do that. When you've declined an invitation, you can't just show up. She's totally in the wrong, which means she kind of deserves what's about to happen to her. Kate, unable to think of any damn else thing to say, says, "Great," and takes the proffered Jell-O mold. Just then, Mama Fox emerges looking for trivets, as Amy admits that she probably should have called first. She insists she shouldn't stay -- she'll just leave the mold. Kate is clearly considering letting this slide to save everyone the agony that will result when Michael returns with sponge cakes in hand, but Mama Fox leaps in. "Oh, don't be silly. What's one more at this point?" she insists. As if that weren't enough, an oblivious Mama Fox tells Kate to call her "Boy Scout" and tell him to grab some extra sponge cakes. Kate just keeps on grinning, tossing a "Good idea!" to her mom. She ushers Amy into the house and closes the door. We fade out on Kate, surveying this rapidly degenerating situation.

When we return from commercials, Kate is hiding in the kitchen, apparently trying to get Michael on the cell to keep him from showing up, but she complains to Victoria that she keeps getting kicked to voicemail. "So leave a message," Victoria shrugs. Kate questions what she would say in a message anyway. "How about 'Don't come back'?" Victoria offers. Unfortunately, it's a little late for this, as Michael is just now coming in the door, interrupting -- oddly enough -- a talk between Amy and Cancer Boy. Michael's entry into the living room is about as awkward as you'd expect, and he and Amy stare uncomfortably at each other. "What are you doing here?" an unhappy Amy finally asks. He stammers out that things ended early at the Retirement Home for Cute Boys' Relatives, so he headed over. He shoots back by asking her why she's not at her parents' house. She says she didn't want to go without her boyfriend, but now she's starting to wonder whether...well, you know. B-Plot, the entourage, and Goth Girl are starting to tear into the food, but they look up to hear the answer to this rather complex question. Kate and Victoria, standing in the entry to the kitchen, perk their ears up as well. Michael's inability to answer the "are you my boyfriend" question does a pretty good job of answering it, and a miserable Amy gathers up her things and says her goodbyes to Cancer Boy. Cancer Boy compliments her Jell-O mold as "delightful." That's exactly what you want to hear in that situation, so I'm sure she feels much better. Relationship? Over. But Jell-O mold? The best! She heads for the door, where Kate stops her. "You guys should talk," Kate says sadly. Amy quite correctly says that there doesn't seem to be too much to talk about, but Michael, trying not to come off like a total dick, comes over and offers to go somewhere and talk with her if she wants. She, despite having seemed to get the point thirty seconds ago, has lost it again and asks him to just tell her if they're over. His grim expression does a pretty good job of answering. "I'm sorry," he says. Amy leaves.

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