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Mama Fox goes into Awkward Party Rescue mode, encouraging everyone to forget the ugly show they've just witnessed and get down to eating dinner. It's just like what happens at the end of Yes, Dear. (Has that TWoP bounty on Yes, Dear jokes been established yet? Because if it has, I'll take my twenty bucks. ["If that show is still on, I'll give you twenty bucks to kill me." -- Sars]) Kate asks Michael whether he's all right, and he dismissively calls himself "the king of the passive-aggressive breakup." She assures him -- um, comfortingly, I guess -- that he'll do a better job the next time one of his relationships crashes and burns. He tells her he'd rather there were no next time, and then hands over the coveted sponge cakes from the store. Again, I sense that the sponge cakes stand for something.

Cancer Boy suddenly spots Amy's glasses case, and he grabs it and runs for the door. As he opens the door, he runs smack into Amy, who's returning for her lost booty. They exchange a few unlikely lines of dialogue, culminating in the inevitable moment where she thanks him.

Later, the group is playing "what are you thankful for?" as they bask in the glow of whatever vegan loaf Kate fed them. They're happy, they're fulfilled, and they're loaded with fiber, undoubtedly. Victoria is thankful for friendship. Goth Girl is thankful for Victoria, who gave her a place to go for Thanksgiving. B-Plot passes. He's not thankful for anything, dammit. T-Rex does better: "I feel blessed every day. Blessed with work, blessed to live...oh, and props on the food. Especially the lentil salad. Very tasty." Okay, T-Rex gets my vote for Most Welcome New Recurring Character, if this show were going to be around long enough for characters to recur.

At this highly emotional post-lentil-salad moment, we hear a bunch of "Daddy, Daddy!" Over by the door, here come B-Plot's boys, bounding into the room and into his arms. Their mom, fortunately, is right behind them, because as smart as these kids are, they aren't piloting any private planes back from Hawaii. Kate crosses to the door. "This is a...pleasant surprise?" Kate says questioningly. Ronica says that T-Rex told her that it was a fairly open gathering, so she hoped showing up would be okay. She figures she can always go to Hawaii. Kate assures her she's welcome. Just as Kate goes to lock the door, she looks outside and notices that Cancer Boy and Amy are sitting on the porch, locked in deep conversation. As she is wont to do, Kate smiles with warm satisfaction at what she has wrought.

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