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Before she can close the door again -- it's Shatner! Who knew? Right at the end of the evening! Right before he was going to be too late! He bursts through the door with a stuffed flower for her (don't ask), hauling Nick behind him. It's a warm family Thanksgiving, all right.

Later, Kate decompresses with her parents. Shatner talks to Mama Fox about how Vegas has changed since they were last there. They flirt, she tells him not to flirt with her, he denies flirting with her...it's your basic flirting situation. Shatner caps the evening by toasting Kate for being "a better person than her mom and her dad combined." Well, she's certainly better-dressed. They all clink glasses and drink. As we begin to fade out on this happy scene, Shatner chatters about the sweet potatoes -- there's something different about them. The little B-Plots run happily through the house, Ronica and Victoria chat in the background, Goth Girl talks to Nick...and all the Whos down in Who-ville are snug in their beds, people. Now that's holiday warmth.

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