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The next time we see Kate, she's shopping and talking to Michael on her cell. She asks him why he made the aunt excuse instead of just breaking it off with Amy. He claims he "couldn't pull the trigger." She suggests that maybe he doesn't really want to break up with Amy, and he assures her that he most certainly does. He suggests that maybe Kate could break up with Amy for him, but she's not warm to that idea. As she shops, she asks him whether he thinks she should get green or red lentils. Like any sane carnivore, he argues for neither, so she spitefully goes for both. Flirt! Lentils at Thanksgiving...my goodness. She invites him to her Thanksgiving dinner, but he says that having leaned on his aunt to get out of the Amy thing, he'd feel guilty if he didn't at least go and see her. Kate says "Your loss," and hangs up. You know, I find that people hang up on each other on television a lot, compared to how often I find it happens in real life.

Later, Kate has headed to the Only Bar for her usual decompressing meal with Victoria. She's complaining about how she's so tired of Michael and Amy, because it's got nothing to do with her, so she doesn't see why they have to drag her into it. Victoria protests that, in fact, Kate did admonish Michael to break up with Amy, so she sort of put herself in the middle of it. Kate protests that she didn't do that -- Michael was the one who said it was over; all she suggested was honesty. She claims that Michael just lost his nerve, and that's the only reason he didn't complete the dumping of Amy, and that she can't respect a guy who would, even in jest, ask her to break up with his girlfriend for him. Victoria tells Kate she "lives in the middle" of their relationship, and should bring it up in therapy. Heh. I suspect Kate's therapist would not learn anything new from that, since living in the middle of other people's relationships seems to be Kate's general practice. Kate asks Victoria whether she's coming to Thanksgiving, and Victoria asks if she can bring her dorky cousin. Turns out that Victoria's cousin is a twentysomething single musicologist. This of course -- as the word "single" always does -- gives Kate an idea.

Cut to Cancer Boy, working out on his...his treadmill, I guess. Does Cancer Boy have a treadmill? Apparently. He grabs a call from Kate, who tells him that she's terribly sorry for the short notice, but she'd love it if he'd come to Thanksgiving dinner at her house. He claims to have signed on for a potluck where they're counting on him to bring a rhubarb Jell-O mold. And that's the kind of commitment you just don't break, unless you want to make everyone like you. Which Cancer Boy undoubtedly does not. Kate encourages him to drop off the mold and come on over to eat, and he accepts. Incidentally, Kate is wearing what I guess is an animal-rights t-shirt with a pig on it, and the words "No, I Don't Have Any Spare Ribs." Eh. It was funnier when PETA said Clay Aiken was neutered. Freakin' Clay Aiken.

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