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That night, Kate is lying in bed when the phone rings. It's T-Rex, B-Plot's bud. He's calling to tell Kate that B-Plot has been arrested for kidnapping. Now, as she flies down the freeway in her car, Kate has to call Shatner, who's playing craps in Vegas as she chats with him on the cell. He gives her instructions on how to bail B-Plot out of jail, warning her to take Nick with her and not go to "the hood" by herself. Kate rolls her eyes and points out that B-Plot was arrested in Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons. Heh. A casino guy comes by to tell Shatner he can't use his phone on the floor, so he starts to wrap it up. He tells Kate that he sat in the second row for Celine, who has an enormous head. With that piece of crucial cranial news passed along, he wishes Kate luck.

At the police station (I assume), Nick and Kate chat with B-Plot. She breaks the news that he's going to have to spend the night, but they can get him out in the morning. She also cautions B-Plot that she's not a criminal lawyer, so she's not really qualified to be the one to defend him on the criminal charge. Nick asks B-Plot what exactly happened. He says he went by the house to say goodbye to the twins, and when he got there, they were eating frozen chicken nuggets with the nanny, so he took them out to get some food. When they got sleepy, he checked into the Four Seasons so they could snooze and he could order room service, which may not be credible, but sounds lovely. Mmm, room service. Kate tells him that it doesn't look very good, running off with them and checking into a hotel the day before they're supposed to leave. He insists that he was just looking out for the boys. He insists that they don't even want to go to the beach -- their mom is making them go, even though one of them is scared of the ocean.

Out in the...I don't know, police lobby, I suppose, the boys are brought out to a waiting Ronica, who starts to leave with them. Kate sees this, and she calls out. Oh, that's not a good idea at all. That's a good way to get a punch in the mouth from any mom, right there, is to call out to them when you're the opposing divorce attorney. Kate acknowledges that Ronica must be furious, but she asks her to keep in mind that all B-Plot wants is to be close to the kids. She says that if Ronica would reconsider, she thinks the DA would be amenable to dropping the charges against B-Plot. As her kids squirm uncomfortably under her arms, Ronica rails that B-Plot should have thought of all this before he walked out on the family. You know, all of these adults -- including Kate -- should be conducting all of these conversations not in the presence of the kids. That just sucks. "Is punishing him worth the hurt it'll cause the kids?" Kate asks. She's really lucky Ronica doesn't smack her, frankly. But she doesn't. She just says, "Why am I even talking to you?" (good point), and leaves.

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