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Which is, naturally, when Finch pulls up in a cab, and he gets out, yelling, "What the hell is going on here!!" like, maybe he missed sex-ed class growing up. Nick says he was just leaving, but Finch hauls off and punches him in the nose. Connie freaks out at Finch because this is all happening because of his doubts, and Finch accuses her of doing this just to set him up so she could fool around, and Connie admits to suddenly having doubts after all, and you have to wonder what it is about the drunken, violent, procrastinating, wandering-eyed Finch that is causing her to have doubts. Meanwhile, Nick is behaving like a bit of a baby about his bleeding nose, and Connie tells him to come inside. Nick declines, so Connie shoots Finch the stink-eye one final time before going inside and slamming the door. Nick asks Finch if he has a tissue, but Finch just stomps off back into the cab, which sits there just waiting while Finch goes around punching people. Of course, he probably hadn't been paid yet.

Over at Kate and Bryan's Stupid First Date at Kate's place, Kate and Bryan's special selves are pulling soufflés out of the oven, and they're about to eat when the phone rings, and Kate apologizes as Bryan already gets his mad face in place, and it's Connie telling Kate about Finch's drunken punch-up and yelling about how "that drunken idiot" is not the man she's going to marry. Kate says she has to go, but she'll call Connie in the morning. She apologizes for the "little crisis," and Bryan's special self tells her they're going to have a "major chocolate soufflé crisis" if they don't eat those right away, like anyone has ever uttered the phrase "major chocolate soufflé crisis" in the history of the entire world, and considering that, maybe Kate should just fix Bryan up with the courier and be done with it. And the phone rings again, and Kate promises she'll be just two seconds, and Bryan's getting a little angrier. And Kate has a little trouble answering the phone. Has to push that little button twice! Way to use it, Silverstone! It's Nick, screaming that he hopes Kate has liability insurance, and she tells him to put some ice on it and she'll call him in the morning. I can't tell you how often I heard that at the end of my dates. Hi-yo!

Back to the soufflé crisis. Bryan starts feeding her, and it tastes great, and the phone rings yet again, and this time Bryan even says, "For god's sake!" Now it's drunken Finch, sitting in the back of the cab, lamenting how he's screwed everything up. Kate tells him to go home and get some sleep, and they'll figure things out in the morning. Meanwhile, Bryan's clearing the dishes, making Kate freak out once she gets off the phone. And you know what? As much as Bryan is a bit of a tool, he's totally in the right here. I'd like to point out that, first of all, on the list of occupations that "have" to answer a ringing telephone, "matchmaker" rates somewhere below "carnival worker" and "meter maid." Second, the point of this night was to make an effort to work through the problems they have. Third, she ignored Bryan in favour of the ringing phone, but once on the phone, didn't actually do anything but say they'd work it out in the morning, effectively interrupting their date for nothing. Having said that, it's clear that if Kate can't be bothered to make an effort, the two of them aren't right for each other. Maybe Kate and Bryan should have broken up in the first episode. Oh, wait…anyway, they decide to call it a night. "Sorry about the mess," says Meta-Bryan, as he kisses her on the cheek and walks out. Commercials.

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