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Go ahead, Cuba Gooding Jr. Wear fake teeth. Play a retarded man. We're not going to forget Snow Dogs.

Kate wanders stiffly into the office, like, maybe she went to boot camp again, and Lucas the courier is there, and he tells Kate that she shouldn't have sent those love letters to Weston's ex-wife, as she was "liv-id." This is after he asked Kate if she has any more hot women to fix him up with, and after he says "you suck" to Claire for giving him something to deliver in the Valley. Kate asks Claire if Nick is in yet, and Claire tells her he's with Fox Daddy.

Nick and Fox Daddy are lounging on some couches when Kate stomps in and has the nerve to bitch at Nick since things are over between Connie and Finch, and Nick's claiming that she dragged him into this "Dr. Phil-ian nightmare," and Kate wails that it was a "test of love," and meanwhile Fox Daddy sits there wondering why neither of his associates are actually doing any work. By this point, Nick is all showing off his giant bandage across the bridge of his nose, the purpose of which is lost to me. Now, if he'd had wadded up Kleenex up his nostrils? That would have been funny. Instead, he's all, LOOK AT MY NOSE, BEEYOTCH, and telling Fox Daddy that he hopes Kate is a better lawyer than she is a matchmaker, and stomps off. Judging from her matchmaking record, I think she'd pretty much have to be. Anyway, Fox Daddy, who has been relieved from the burden of having to memorize many lines this episode, calls that a low blow and says that Kate is in fact a much better lawyer. Kate sits down and starts whining about how her problem is that she can't say no, since, when they were in the bathroom, she should have just wished Connie luck and continued on tinkling. And those love letters she sent back to the former Mrs. Weston instead of the lawsuit he wanted to file? Bad idea! "Because that's me. I have to get involved," she says. Fox Daddy offers up some platitude about how if her biggest problem is getting involved, she's a lot better off than the rest of us. He does add, thankgodfully, that sending the love letters was a big no-no. Kate promises to handle it. And speaking of handling things, Claire lets her know that Finch is in her office.

Finch wants to know how bad things are. Kate's all, you mean after you went to town with another chick and then punched out in a drunken rage the guy dating your cute, sweet girlfriend, who was only going out with the guy (who's probably going to sue Finch) you insisted she date, which was only happening in the first place because you couldn't commit to aforementioned cute, sweet girlfriend because you thought maybe your pecker could sample a little more action out there? Finch is all, "I messed up." Kate's all, yeah. Finch says she has to help him get Connie back, and just as I'm wondering if that's included in the $1,000 fee, we learn that the cost of Kate helping him is that she delivers a Stern Lecture in which she tells Finch that his head has been all over the place lately. I will not make a joke about that. "I was scared, okay, but the idea of losing Connie to another guy…I still can't even think about that." He babbles on about how everything that's good in his life is connected to Connie, and pleads with Kate to help him get her back. Kate, forgetting how just a moment ago she was whining that she can't say no, smiles and orders Claire to get Connie on the line. "Connie of the demolished relationship?" says the ever-tactful Claire over the speakerphone. Finch throws up his hands. Kate tells Claire to tell Connie that Kate has a guy to fix her up with, and she won't take no for an answer. Maybe Claire has given up her objection to lying on Kate's behalf.

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Miss Match




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