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Kate, still wearing her polka-dot red suit thing, meets Weston's ex-wife Maureen at the only bar for lunch. Kate's in the middle of explaining how unorthodox this is, but Maureen cuts her off and is all, what's up with you sending those love letters? Kate's all, I thought it would remind you of how much you loved Weston. "Those letters reminded me of how much I loved writing letters. Period," says Maureen. Kate's all, d'oh! Maureen goes on to say that she loves writing letters so much, she's going to write another one launching a lawsuit against Kate and her firm so they'll cut out these frivolous lawsuits. Oh, and also? I can't wait to blab about those letters you sent, which has to be some sort of ethical violation. Kate may have missed ethics class, but she got an A-plus in chutzpah, as she responds by informing Maureen that she was only trying to do her a favour, to get the lawsuits to stop, and goes on to inform Maureen that she owes Phil an explanation. Maureen manages not to poke out Kate's sanctimonious eyes and says she tried to talk to Phil for months before the divorce, but Phil doesn't listen to anything he doesn't want to hear and is always trying to manipulate things, like what he's doing with the lawsuits. Hearing that, Kate's all, yeah, he does kind of behave that way. Yeah, just a little. "If either of you are ever going to be able to move past all this, he needs to know why you left." "I could never get him to shut up long enough to tell him," she says. Kate promises she'll get Phil to shut up long enough.

Meeting room. Kate pulls out the "speech rock" and lays out the rule about only being allowed to talk when you have the rock in your hand, and she talks to them like they're children. At this point, let's take a moment to consider how well this technique worked for Kate and Bryan. Thank you. Let's continue with the scene. Oh, I forgot the haiku thing!

Maureen blathers first
Hey, Phil. It's been a while.
But Phil can't shut up.

Special occasion
Maureen's speaking right to me!
A freakin' honour!

Kate's getting angry
Speech Rock rules being broken!
Phil! No rock, no talk!

Phil says he'll be good
Takes rock, makes a hound-dog face
What happened? He asks.

Honestly? She says.
Woke up one day, no more love
We married too young.

I was scared to say that
Phil looks even more sad now
Tinkly piano.

Maureen: "Stop the suits!"
"You have to let me go, Phil."

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Miss Match




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