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Where is the love?

Phil cries. He's sorry.

Daniel wipes his eyes.
When Maureen gives back mattress.
Phil slumps off, broken.

The Only Bar. Connie shows up, in a pink dress, wondering what wild ride she's in for tonight, only to be less than impressed when she sees Finch waiting there for her. He's cleaned himself up; he's wearing a suit and everything. And since alcohol didn't cause any problems or anything, Connie must be thrilled to see a beer in front of him. She's all pissed, but Finch introduces himself formally and says he wants to start over, so Kate's a perfect two-for-two in trying both of the failed techniques from her crazy couples therapist that didn't work at all for Bryan and her. I suppose the difference here is that Finch is filled with remorse and talks all about how much he loves Connie and how much he wants to marry her. He's in the middle of promising that she is the only person in the world for him, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, when she just shuts him up by kissing him. "We have contact," says Victoria on the phone. She's wearing some black lacy thing, but she's also got on this elbow-length red-and-grey fingerless glove, like, WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR ARM, like if somebody woke up and said, "I'd like to wear Freddy Kreuger's sweater, only as a fingerless glove," this is what they would come up with.

Kate hangs up the other end on her cell phone, and she's standing on a hill watching Bryan and his buddies play soccer. He notices her watching, so he PICKS UP THE BALL and jogs over to her, like, thanks for FORCING EVERYONE ELSE TO STOP PLAYING, and Kate says it's nice to see that Soccer Tuesdays are still on, like, is there some reason that Bryan and his friends should have stopped playing soccer, and he makes some sort of joke about being set in his ways, and finally someone yells for him to give the ball back, so he has to do a regulation soccer throw-in instead of just tossing the ball back, but meanwhile behind him the gang is already playing again with another ball, like, I know this is a quirky little romantic show, but that doesn't excuse you from PAYING ATTENTION TO CONTINUITY. Anyway, they each apologize for their behaviour last night, and he says he gets frustrated when he has to share her with the world, and she says she sometimes has trouble balancing her own relationships with the relationships of other people, and he's all thrilled that she's finally realized that about herself. Kate goes on to say that because of that, if she's going to be in a relationship, it just has to feel right (um, isn't that the case for everybody?). Anyway, Bryan? This don't feel right. Bryan's all, whoa, you're breaking up with me? And Kate's all, let's just call it "smell ya later," and he asks her to set aside her doubts and realize that they're a good thing, and Kate says, "I don't have any doubts; that's the problem!" Are they broken up yet? Bryan wonders if this means he can't play golf anymore with Fox Daddy, and Kate laughs and warns him to keep an eye on the scorecard. So, they hug, and Kate can't even be bothered to put down her damn purse in one hand and cell phone in the other to hug the guy she's dumping. He goes back to his soccer game (with Kate offering to set him up, and Bryan laughingly calling her a "piece of work). Kate looks forlornly after him, which has been the ending for 50 percent of this series' episodes so far. The song that was going "I miss you" at the beginning of this scene has changed into a song going, "Let go," over and over, because we haven't had that hammered into our skulls enough tonight, and Kate walks away, smiling.

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