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I just would like to say, thank you, Alicia Silverstone. Thank you, Darren Starr. Thank you, Television Without Pity. Thank you, Sars.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm done now. ["Heh. You're welcome." -- Sars] Anyway, Kate and Bryan chit-chat about golfing with Kate's dad, and Kate warns Bryan not to pay any attention to anything her dad says, since he's just trying to mess up Bryan's game. "Yeah, well, Kate, my game's been really messed up…ever since the day I stopped seeing you." See, I heard the segue served in this restaurant is just great, especially sprinkled with cheese, but I have to admit, I almost threw up. "That's sweet," says Kate. "It's true," says Bryan. "Leaving you was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life." Kate's all, um, I left you, remember? It was right in the very first episode. Bryan's all, oh yeah. "See, that's just it. I don't want to argue," he says, whatever that's supposed to mean. The wine arrives, and Bryan starts blathering on about how much she'll love the Chablis, and Kate looks delighted, and Bryan uses that as a jumping-off point to talk about how right they are for each other, and how they just have to work on their communication skills. Kate scrunches up her face a little bit, but before she can explain that it's not so much about improving communication skills as it's about Bryan being a major dingus, but her CELL PHONE RINGS AND SHE ANSWERS IT, much to Bryan's quite undisguised annoyance.

It's Victoria, whining about how she hasn't been on a date this awkward since eleventh grade, and Kate says that's probably because Finch hasn't been on a date with another woman since then. Victoria whines that Finch keeps looking at her boobs, although, in Finch's defense, they're kind of hard to miss, what with the visible push-up bra and the cleavage and all. Kate tells Victoria not to let Finch get away with anything. "There's no need to treat this guy with kid gloves," she says, and a gleeful Victoria announces that the gloves are off, and hangs up. Kate apologizes to Bryan for the "matchmaking crisis" and Bryan seizes on that, pointing out that he never took that seriously before, and now he hears that she's turned it into a full-on business. I guess, if it were just a hobby for her, he'd be completely justified in not taking it seriously. Kate demurs, saying it's really just a sideline. Anyway, despite Bryan's earlier promises that there were no expectations, he pleads with her to give him another chance. Kate's reluctant, and he asks if she's seeing anybody new, which she isn't. And he asks that she at least go to couples counseling with him, and maybe someone should point out to him that I think that you're supposed to actually be a couple in order to do that. "Let's talk about our issues with someone objective. If nothing else, we can part as friends. Because I just don't want to imagine a life without you in it." That's quite the steaming load of crap he's served up, but Kate says he's quite persuasive, then says okay. Then they toast "second chances." Then I can't believe everybody didn't just turn off their televisions in annoyance, since you just know this is going to go nowhere.

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