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I saw Victoria doinking Santa Claus

Back at the office, Nick is filling Kate in on all the work that Lauren did for her ex's company (Mother Earth Footwear) and how much she increased business, and Kate notes that the marketing campaign is Lauren's as well, but enough work; Nick realizes he's lost track of time and checks his watch and does a countdown, and then celebrates his $50,000, like, I should have gone to law school. And now that I think about it, I'm wondering just what Jerrold's problem is with giving the bonus; since it's tied to Nick's billable hours, wouldn't the "absurd" number of hours he billed result in a likewise absurd amount of revenue for Fox & Associates? Anyway, Nick offers to buy Kate food, like, thanks so much, big spender, and Kate declines since she's heading out of town. "All right, mystery girl," he says, whatever that means.

On her way out to the car, Kate dials the hotel and asks for Michael Mendelsohn's room so she can leave a message, since she's running late. Kate smiles and smiles, at least until Lauren answers the phone. "Lauren?" says Kate. "I think you have the wrong room," is all Lauren says before hanging up. And then in walks Michael with an ice bucket. "Is it still vodka rocks?" he says, looking, for my money, a little put out by Lauren's presence. But let's point out that despite the fact Kate is late for their meeting and Lauren is there, Michael hasn't bothered to call Kate to find out what's going on or warn her about Lauren showing up. Ass. Gee, I can't wait to see how they resolve this. And by "can't wait" I mean "can totally wait."

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