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Jerrold and Kate are going over the case, with Kate preparing the groundwork for the divvying up of assets, but Jerrold stops her, since he's got a new theory that would justify the adultery, and keep the pre-nup valid: Entrapment. After all, Mrs. Donovan was the one who hired Hot Nanny. Kate says that ain't gonna fly. "Say what you will, I think Mrs. Donovan asked for it," says Jerrold, and nothing wins you fans like suggesting that a woman "asked for" the shabby treatment she got. He wonders what woman in her right mind would ever hire a hot nanny, who's there all day doing nothing but serving the family's needs and looking great doing it. Claire, not working or anything, just sitting in the break room reading the newspaper, chimes in with, "She's the ultimate fantasy wife," which Jerrold jumps on, and asks how any man could be expected to resist. Kate manages not to kick him in the crotch, and says she'll get the trial binder together.

Flat tire successfully fixed, Nick and Hot Nanny are getting plastered on martinis in a bar right next to the office. Hot Nanny's toasting her "knight in shining business suit" when Kate walks by and spots the two of them in there together. Absolutely indignant, she dials Nick's cell phone and stomps out of sight. When he picks up, she doesn't even say hello, just "Put that drink down and listen close. You are so out of line!" Maintaining his smoothness in the face of Kate's indignant onslaught, he just asks where she's calling from. She tells him to leave the bar and go to his left, and hangs up. He tells Hot Nanny he's going to the bathroom, but when she isn't looking, he scurries outside to find Kate. "You're spying on me?" he says, and she tells him she just happened to be passing by and saw him tossing back cocktails -- "during work hours, I might add" -- with the Hot Nanny. Nick's confused, so Kate tells him all about the Donovan divorce. Nick thinks about it for a moment, then says, "Not my case." Heh. So Kate points out that Mr. Donovan (the "Mini-Mart king of the valley," don't forget) might not look too kindly on the fact that a lawyer from his firm is getting cozy with the woman costing him half his stuff (point of order: doesn't Mr. Donovan take some of the blame for losing half his stuff?). Nick's response? "Have you seen her?" Kate's exasperated, but Nick doesn't think there's a problem, since Hot Nanny doesn't know him; to her, he's just the "manly man" (Kate rolls her eyes) who helped her change a flat tire. "As for you? You never saw me," says Nick, and he hustles back into the bar. Kate actually throws her hands up in the air and says, "Oh my god!" as she walks away.

Only Bar. Victoria wants to know how things are going with "Dr." Dean. Kate explains that she's on the fence; Dean's got a major insecurity complex, but whenever he touches her, she can't resist him. Victoria's all, so go for it! And Kate says, weren't you listening to me? And Victoria points out that you don't have to be madly in love with every guy you fool around with. Sounds suspiciously like Evil Laurel's plan of attack last week, doesn't it? Kate's cell phone rings. It's Michael, so she answers with "How'd it go?" and it's "still in progress" and he sounds less than enthused, so Kate wonders what the problem is. "She's unbearable," says Michael, and Kate's all, "I knew it!" and she tells Michael to make up an excuse and get the hell out of there. Oh! Michael's kidding! D'oh! He passes the phone over to a sparkling Serena, who confirms that they're having a blast and that she's being a model customer, having said "please" and "thank you" to the waiter and the "bus person." Serena wants to know what happens next, and, mainly, I'm sure, for Michael's benefit, says, "Can I take him home with me?" Kate desperately suggests a second date first, and Serena suggests a double date with Kate and "Dr." Dean. Kate, all false smiles, says that might be a good idea. After hanging up, she glumly tells Victoria that she may have made a match, and Victoria remarks on how unexcited Kate seems. "I'm just surprised," says Kate. "Of course I'm excited," she says quietly, meaning she's not.

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