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Elsewhere, Nick and Hot Nanny are finishing up a round of Hot Sex, Nick calling it "astounding" and suggesting that they go away somewhere, anywhere they can have more fruity drinks and sex. "Substantially more sex!" She suggests Tuscany, since she's rented a villa there and she's going for a month. Nick playfully brings up the incongruity between renting a villa in Tuscany and not being able to afford a tow truck (as she mentioned before in the office lobby), and she says she's coming into some money, she just doesn't have it yet. After some prodding from Nick (who's intrigued by her reluctance to divulge, since it's too "naughty") -- "Come clean, woman, we're flesh against flesh; nothing comes between us" -- she explains that her old boss offered her $50,000 to sleep with her husband. She gets the money when their divorce goes through. "How bizarre is that!" she giggles, nuzzling Nick. It's so bizarre that he seems stunned enough to have momentarily lost interest in sex with her. Commercials.

Jerrold and Kate are walking up the courthouse steps, talking about the Donovans' assets that will have to be split, when Nick Ex Machina runs up to drop the bomb about Mrs. Donovan's scam. So the Foxes are smiling when they rise to greet the judge. Before things can get underway, Jerrold rises and apologizes for the late notice, but now serves notice that his client considers the pre-nup valid and binding. Mrs. Donovan's lawyer objects, even more so when Jerrold says they're even going so far as to seek criminal charges of fraud and conspiracy against Mrs. Donovan and Rebecca Hanley (whom Jerrold almost calls "Hot Nanny" in court). Jerrold and Mrs. Donovan's lawyer approach the bench, and Nick wanders in and sits down next to Hot Nanny in the gallery. "What are you doing here?" she asks. "Oh, I work with those guys," he says brightly, pointing to the Foxes. Understandably, Hot Nanny's a little concerned, and rushes to the front to confer with Mrs. Donovan, whose lawyer notices and joins the powwow. After a frantic couple of seconds, Mrs. Donovan agrees to abide by the pre-nup, and the judge is all accepting it and not complaining about what a circus his courtroom seems to be and how everyone seems to be taking advantage of the judicial system. Kate smiles at Nick, who seems rather chuffed. I guess when you're a hero to your boss mainly because you had sex with a hot English nanny, that's a pretty good day. He's so pleased with himself, he actually asks Hot Nanny if they're still on for Tuscany, but she just looks disgusted.

The dreaded double date. The group is having drinks at the bar, with Serena wondering how Kate and "Dr." Dean met, and he explains it was in his "adjustment room," and that he "twisted Kate's arm" to go out with him, and I guarantee you he's been waiting all day to use that line. Serena's all, "I have such respect for your line of work," and she explains that there's a woman who goes around her office working the kinks out of people's necks. It takes just ten minutes to achieve nirvana. Naturally, "Dr." Dean gets his back up, since she's talking about a masseuse, which is totally different from what he does. In other words, he takes the same attitude towards masseuses that real doctors take towards him. Serena does her best to save face with an "of course," and Michael finally changes subjects by praising Serena's house (speaking from an architect's point of view), and Serena's all giggling about the extension she wants him to build. Michael says she'll have to go through his agent, and he points at Kate, whom Serena calls a "pushover." Maybe Kate's sickened by all the lovey-doveyness, and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom, so Serena tags along. On the way, they gab about the boys, with Serena saying that Dean seems sweet. Kate says she's happy Serena and Michael have hit it off, since Kate wasn't sure if Michael was Serena's type. Oh, he's not, says Serena, which is great; he's the exact opposite of my last boyfriend, who didn't treat me any better than he treated his wife. Kate's shocked. "You only said he was a narcissist!" she says. He was, insists Serena. "Everything was about him, not wanting to break up his family." And we quickly to move on to how Michael is great but he just needs a little polishing, which would include a new haircut, new wardrobe, new car…but overall he's very promising. Kate launches into her "Michael is amazing" defense, asking why Serena would want to change him. "Because I'd like him better that way," she says. Hmmm. There's a certain logic to what she's saying, I'll give her that. Is Kate going to refuse to set up any woman who wants to change a thing or two about their boyfriend? Because she'll have no clients. I'm just saying.

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