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Back at the table, Serena and Michael are getting cutesy while Kate and Dean look on. And Serena seems to be morphing into the manipulative man-eater Kate's portrayed her to be, as she starts yakking about how "fab" it is that she and Kate, after all these years, are out on the town with their "men," and then starts alluding to the "Katie Fox" she knew in high school. And Kate's all, what does that mean? And Serena brings up the biggest-flirt thing again. And Kate's not even fake-laughing anymore; she angrily tells Serena that she was the biggest flirt, and Serena's all, sweetie! Kidding! Don't be so sensitive! So now Kate tries the fake-laughing thing to pretend that it doesn't bother her, but makes a comment about how she's been racking her brains to come up with "flirty exploits," but all she can think of are ones involving Serena. The guys are loving this, in the sense that they think it's hilarious because they don't realize that Kate and Serena are about half an inch from stabbing each other. So Michael's all, "Let's hear the flirty stories!" and Kate relates a story about Serena making a bet that she could hook up with three guys in one weekend, and won $50. Oooh. That's below the belt, for sure. Serena doesn't like it one bit; she's giving Kate a look like, so, it's like that, is it? And when the waitress comes with her food, Serena takes her head off because there's cilantro on her fish. "That's how the dish is prepared," says the waitress, preparing herself for the verbal onslaught to follow. And Michael and Kate keep looking at each other like they can't believe how rude Serena's being, and I guess Kate seems to think that only she is allowed to behave inappropriately. And Serena looks stressed, which is naturally "Dr." Dean's cue to touch someone uninvited, under the guise of him being a "doctor" and everything. He starts massaging Serena's neck, and she gets all Herbal Essences on him, while Kate and Michael continue to play Dueling Eyebrows.

At the office the next day, Kate walks in, and Claire's telling jokes on the phone with someone, and puts the person on hold long enough to tell Kate that "Dr." Dean is on the line for her, and Kate wants Claire to pretend she couldn't find Kate. Claire says no: "I'm not comfortable passing along misinformation to 'Dr.' Dean.'" Fortunately, NBC doesn't have that same problem. Stay tuned for Miss Information, coming up next! Kate can hardly believe what a useless receptionist this firm has. And I guess there wasn't enough money to pay for a "special" appearance by JoBeth Williams this week (you can't tell me she wasn't available), as Claire hands over a package Kate's mom dropped off. Kate gives Claire the stink-eye as she walks out.

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