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In her office, Kate picks up the phone to hear "Dr." Dean all smarmily talking about what an enjoyable night it was, and how they should do it again, and Kate's using the classic method of being noncommittal while pretending to agree, i.e. agreeing that it was certainly a "memorable" night. Then she dumps Dr. Dean down the Miss Match Dork Hatch, telling him she'd rather not jeopardize their chiropractor-patient relationship, since he's such an amazing chiropractor. "Dr." Dean settles for having his ego stroked, if nothing else, and agrees that "a good doctor is hard to find," and I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but Kate says, "So true." He doesn't even know the brush-off he's getting. He tells her to "stay limber," and she promises to do so.

I tell you, it's only the third episode and these apologetic phone calls between Kate and Michael are already getting to me. She phones him to apologize for letting things get out of control, and he tells her not to worry about it, and she says she just realized that Serena wasn't the right woman for him, and he saw her doing that, since he's becoming a "Kate Fox aficionado" and pretty soon he's going to know all her moves, so she says all flirty, "I'm going to have to get new moves," and I have to agree. She updates him on The Diplomatic Dumping of "Dr." Dean, and he says that even so, it's great that she's out there, since she can't be a matchmaker 24/7, or she'll give away all the good guys. This seems to hit Kate a little close to home, so she says goodbye and the sappy music kicks in.

Anyway, what's in her mom's parcel? It's her high school yearbook, and she goes flipping through to find a picture of a Buffy- or Angel-era Serena Lockner, immortalized forever as the school's biggest flirt. "Thank you. Thank you!" says Kate, who really needs to learn how to let go. Then she flips through to find her own picture -- labeled "Most Hopeless Romantic Who Will Likely Wind Up Becoming a Divorce Lawyer with a Heart of Gold." The high school yearbook always knows.

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