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The next day, Kate's risking the lives of many other drivers and pedestrians as she gabs on her cell phone while driving, talking to Serena to let her know she has a guy in mind, who's very giving and outside the Hollywood scene. Serena (who's at work, wearing one of those headset phones) likes the sound of that. But Kate has to know how Serena feels about animals. Oh, Serena loves animals! She loves them so much, she doesn't even ask why Kate's asking that! Kate says she'll call her back, then calls her vet friend Dr. Cooper, who's busy putting one of those hilarious collars around the neck of a big hound dog so he won't lick his stitches. No problem that he's right in the middle of work, though; he'll take a few moments to respond to Kate's inquiries about whether he's back on the market. He says he is, since that's probably the best way to shake the "recurring nightmares" of his ex-wife, like, what exactly did the woman do? Anyway, Kate's got a "great girl" for him to meet, and she doesn't even tell him what a babe Serena is.

Over at "Dr." Dean Delane's office, Kate's sitting there on the massage table, swinging her legs like a five-year-old sitting in an adult's chair. "Dr." Dean comes in and says hello, and when she calls him "doctor," he tells her to call him "Dr. Dean." He's had his face buried in her chart this whole time, and when he finally looks up, they make goo-goo eyes at each other, like, so much for Michael Mendelsohn, I guess. They chit-chat about Kate knowing Claire, who "Dr." Dean calls a nice woman with a "beautiful spine." For he's a chiropractor, you see. He sees beauty in places the rest of us don't. He stands behind Kate and really freaks her out when he starts lowering the massage table. He feels her head and starts rubbing her shoulders, asking her if that's where it hurts, and if the pain is shooting or throbbing, and the answers are "yes" and "a little of both," and he asks how she knows Claire, and Kate is in the middle of saying that they work together when he twists her neck to the right, accompanied by a really loud cracking noise. She screeches, and then asks if that's what's supposed to happen, and he says it is, and then proceeds to do the same thing to the light, which sets Kate laughing. Then tango music starts up, for Christ's sake, as "Dr." Dean proceeds to manhandle Kate all over the massage table while she moans and giggles and squeals. After a good thirty seconds of this, Kate stretches out on the table, eyes closed, smile on her face. "Cigarette? Just kidding," like, unprofessional much? Kate says, "That was mind-blowing," and asks if she can just nap right there, and the "Dr." says it wouldn't be the first time. Then he says, "You seem amazing," whatever that means, and wonders if maybe they could have dinner sometime, like, UNPROFESSIONAL MUCH? Kate looks half-pleased and half-concerned.

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Miss Match




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